Coretta Scott King Rose Gallery

In partnership with Microsoft, The King Center’s Coretta Scott King Rose Gallery celebrates the extraordinary life and legacy of Coretta Scott King. As a civil rights activist, peace advocate, author, and wife of Martin Luther King, Jr., Mrs. King played a pivotal role in carrying forth the message of peace, justice and equality. She dedicated her life to human rights advocacy and was a champion for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, economic justice, and nonviolent social change.

Visitors to the gallery will have the chance to view artifacts from Mrs. King’s remarkable life, from her childhood in Alabama to her college years where she first met Martin Luther King, Jr., to her founding and leadership of The King Center. These artifacts provide an intimate look into her experiences as she stood alongside her husband during the civil rights movement and then continued his work after his death. The exhibit also highlights her leadership in founding The King Center in Atlanta as well as her efforts to establish Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a national holiday.

This gallery honors Coretta Scott King’s courage, compassion, and commitment to creating positive social change. We hope visitors will be inspired by her legacy and motivated to carry on her fight for justice and equality.