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Dreams: Sports

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I want to become a famous soccer player. I will give 15% of my money to the poor. I would like to show people that they need to follow their dreams.

My dream is to become a professional basketball player but i also want to become a vet. because i love animals and i want to help them.

to be a football player

My dream is to become a Professional football player

Flamengo club team will be the world champions again

i have a dream that all people with special needs are allowed play sports

i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

I have a dream that one day I will become an NBA player. And with the money I get, I will help Africa be a better place. And I will help my family. And I will help my friends too...

I want to win gold for the United States in wrestling in the Olympics. I have wrestled since I was five so that has been eight years...

for the Knicks to win the NBA championship

I dream to become a professional baskeball player. I love the sport and i am good at it. I dont see why I won't make. I can do this and I know I can...

I have a dream that one day I will be able to play in the WNBA and be a role model that many people look up to, and maybe not be the best player, yet be there playing...

my dream is to succeed in foot ball


My Dream Is To Play Volleyball In The Olympics

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

My dream is to be a football player for the New Orleans Saints

I have a dream that when I grow up I will be a professional soccer player on the big leagues. and I will make my country to be famous country. And I will help the poor people.

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!

my dream is to become a world's best Runner and hurdler