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My dream is to be in the NBA and win all of my games.

to start a non-profit for under represented student athlete's focusing on professional Development & College Prep. Allowing them to have access to dreams other than professional sports...

To be a better a basketball player

I want to become a famous soccer player. I will give 15% of my money to the poor. I would like to show people that they need to follow their dreams.

my dream is to graduate from Duke university and be a major league baseball player.

My dream is to become a Professional football player

i have a dream that all people with special needs are allowed play sports

My dream is to become a professional football player in the NFL. God willing, when I make it, I willing, when I make it, I will give to all of those that are less fortunate.

my dream is to become a world's best Runner and hurdler...

I had a dream that people could live longer............... i had a dream

i have a dream that one day i will be a professional wrestler. i want to be a wrestler because you get paid for it and my favorite wrestler is Randy Orton.

I have a dream that when I grow up I will be the best baseball player in the MLB.I will do a fund raiser called the "Hit for Cancer". This fund raiser is for the people who have cancer...

I want to win gold for the United States in wrestling in the Olympics. I have wrestled since I was five so that has been eight years. I know I'm not the best and I will have to work hard but I...

My dream is to go to MLB major league baseball.

My dream is to play in the NFL

My dream is to be a pro basketball player

To become a football player

My dream is to grow up and become a football player.

my dream Is to be happy

to become a professional tennis player and become number I. -Arul