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Dreams: Economic Prosperity

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to see my generation's hearts and minds transformed by the power of God's love and grace. that they may impact and positively pressure their peers...

for all people to have the basic necessities of life

to really and truly make a lasting impact in the world. I want to leave a mark also make sure that everyone is well taken care of and knows that they too are important!

to operate my own health non-profit that strives to provide exemplary preventive and treatment services to populations in inner-city communities and impoverished third world areas...

To graduate from high school and attend Furman University

have a job

My dream is to be a singer to help my family and people with my money!!

To have a healthy global economy.

Property on at lest 3 continents, successful verlar

My dream is to work out a partnership with the King Center and {illegible} Atlanta.

-Sabrina I wish money didn't determine everything.

Two fold 1) Build a bridge of trust back to our own government 2) Correct the problems associated with our current economic system.

Betty For the Economic to get back so that Everyone could get a Job. And the Wants that had Jobs be able to Keep it.

to eliminate poverty in our country!

Having a safe environment for african-americans and to participate in the world economy so we cant no longer be behind

To be the first black richest most loyal lawyer

my dream is to one see that everybody is treated equal and fair no matter what color you are and that are leadership shell come togather for the peoples cause and not politcle cause martin luther king...

I have a dream that I will be rich and I will be in the FBI.

My dream is to one day not feel racial divide in situations of an everyday nature; people not saying this is the bad side of town because it is predominantly black or this must be HUD housing because ...

I want to live in a world that sees men that are not afraid to love & protect their help meets, push their children to the be the best they can be, create meaningful partnerships to see King'...