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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

486 dreams to explore

My dream is to make the work place a more equal playing ground for all not just some. so that we all are given the same respect and opportunities as others...

My dream is all people will be treated the same, and that people who are constantly trying to divide our great country will stop and realize the harm they are doing and know they are destroying "...

for all people to realize that we are all children of God and is the fulness of His glory. To continue to celebrate Dr. King in his dream and to combine our efforts in love and kindness Muarine

My dream is that one day Dr. King's dream can one day be acheived. That one day we can live in a world without racial discrimnation ...

I have several dreams...One of my dreams is to walk the streets and see young brothers with their pants around their waist and not around their ankles...

To write a song that shares the beautiful spirit Dr. King presented through his life of devotion to others. Edward

My dream is for all races and nationalities to come together in peace. Also my dream is for everyone to have a chance at higher education no matter their status.

For every Nation, country, people of every color to recognize this 15th day of January to come together in Love...

Know Thyself

Faith, Faith is ALL He Had. Now it's My Time. He Died for Us All. I Now Have a dream. And I will fafill it My dream is to stay on earth for a Long Time. Malanie

My Dream is for my kids to be treated fairly and with respect for who they are.

For my family to be happpy and safe. Betty

My dream is to be able to do some good in this world that is to some extent in the spirit of what Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr, has done for this world. Suroh

to help continue the legacy of Dr. King through performance and educating people on his life, philosophy and teachings. [Sephon]

to see African Americans stop "hating" on one another and live in peace and harmony as one.

I have a dream of equality, where people are primarily judged on what is on the inside and how they treat others, not by their appearance...

I want to grow up to make a difference like Dr. King [Daisee]

That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity...

We draw closer to the reality of Martin Luther King's vision for us as a people

To become a successful black journalist and give back to my university and my community. I also want to see the MLK monument.