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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

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My dream is to be like Martin Luther King Jr.

to become a famous artist and become a singer, and make change it the world like doctor Martin Luther King Jr. [Tiarra]

to live in a world where people fight for love rather than power

To make a difference to all I come in contact with. To life my life in a way that is like Christ to everyone. To help as many people as I can through Jesus Christ [Terri]

To meet martin's children

that in Belgium, capital of Europe, Black, Muslims, women, young, gay, and everybody should be paid correctly for the jobs they are doing everyday with justice, respect, and media tells only the truth...

to see African Americans stop "hating" on one another and live in peace and harmony as one.

My dream is to lead others to the knowledge and truth about what Dr. King stood for in christianity. [Kathy]

My dream is to spread love of God, Jesus Christ to all I encounter. God forever bless Dr. Martin Luther King legacy & life.

My dream is to be more open and aware of my past and people that made a way for me to live today.

My dream is for my son to continue to strive for success and continue to do right from wrong, Love God. Love you Matthew.

My dream is to see peace in the entire world and love on each man

That one day all individuals will be looked upon as human beings; color not being important

My dream is to be known as a equal by all races. Not bullied by my color or ethnicity. My dream is to have a world where nobody gets bullied or made fun of because of who they are...

My dream is the dream that Dr...

My dream is that equality will be realized for all persons regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation....that differences will be seen as contributions to the betterment of all...

That this nation become a nation of one. That we accept individuals based upon the values added to society not the color of their skin

That MLK Jr.'s message continue to touch the American people for generations

My dream is that I wish martin luther king was still alive from:Tamya

to Keep the Dream alive. Thank You! for the Change