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My dream is to acquire a job as a first grade teacher. I have taught for 24 years in D. C. and Prince George's County, Maryland. I have been unemployed for over a year. Keep us in your prayers...

to become a change agent as an educator. I want the youth to embrace their education and follow their dream. Thank you Dr. King for your dream. Now, I too can have a dream. [Bernita Harvey]

A world like Dr. King envisioned.

To make Dr. King's dream to come alive once again the nation has to currently be reborn out of the current spiritual, cultural, moral [illegible] economic degeneration that it si in. Therefore,...

I have a dream to go to college for teaching little kids.

For the world to dream like Dr. King and love like Jesus Christ.

My dream is that King's death was not in vain and that all God's people stand in one accord to continue the mission he started for freedom, peace, and equality...

My dream is for my people to strive to overcome. All adversity will no longer limit us. Our health, income, and overall well being will finally reach its full capacity. That is my dream. [illegible]

a world with peace & harmony. A world to express our ideas freely

My dream is that the legacy of Dr. King with all of that it embodies and role that it plays in world history will live on forever and continue to make a difference, eternally.

For equality. I know they say that we all are equal, but there are still some things seen and unseen that need to be addressed for people's equality...

a world with peace & harmony. A world to express our ideas freely

i dream that one day the Earth will come together in joy, love, peace, and agreement. LOVE The Dr. MLK Jr.

I dream that America's government will be submit to Christian morals and values just like the Japanese country follow their religious beliefs thus having much less violence. I dream that one day...

To live the purpose that God created me for and to be a good Mom to my daughters.

I have a dream, to go back to school to further my education to better my life for me and my children. For all of those who bleed and died for us to have this opportunity I thank thee. Steph

One day I will dram like Dr. King. And i will be like Him and he is good role model.

I want Martin to come back alive Love. XOXO


To be as inspirational to others as i can be. I hope to keep and share my religious beliefs and ethics with the world and support my family. If I can touch half the lives that Dr. Martin Luther King...