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Dreams: Equality

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Our dream is that all children be free to do all they dream they can do. We also dream that no child ever goes hungry

My Dream is to create peace and love

That the world will end this black and white color line and everyone becomes equal. Everyone has a common enemy and that is life itself.

the country will be embracing the President. The country honor respect this presidency. The nation truly believe in peace and equality

I dream that we will all one day be able to be as "(one)" "Race" and black and white will be a thing of the (past) -Richard

A world free to believe that all people regardless of color are worthy of mutual respect and the right to pursue their dreams.

My dream is for everyone to get along and live in peace and harmony [Melane]

That we will build a global culture of peace, respect, + celebration of diversity, that values human rights and respects human rights. That poverty and social inequality will be eradicated...

Total equaties among everyone in the USA. Peace worldwide love evryone

i dream that one day the Earth will come together in joy, love, peace, and agreement. LOVE The Dr. MLK Jr.

Peace and equal opportunity for all Wayne

Give peace a chance!

A Better Life 4 every one... Races, Nationalites Countries, Ganders

that one day I may be able to help make a difference in this country in this struggle towards true equality.

To see all colors and nationalities greeting each other all over the world, with love, everyone!!

That people come to the realization that we are all the sames

I dream of peace, love and tolerance for all people, race and class

For Americans to transcend predatory attempts by political and media groups baiting them against each other...

That my grandson's and their family will never have to experience or face racism

My dream is to have WORLD PEACE!!