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Dreams: Equality

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That Sierra, Silje, Sam & Chanelle will have a bright future; free from artificial restraints of prejudice.

That one day humanity will trump profit.

For our society to put a stronger emphasis on education and values that help All human being to flourish, together.

We all can be safe in the USA

I hope some day all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy together and achieve their dreams.

for the world to come together as one and understand each other. For people of all race to be equal. For God to bless this planet and everyone fulfills their purpose in life...

That one day all people of all Race would truly come together. Racism is still alive! That young people would listen and learn from the old pioneers.

To end all gang violence, and live in harmony.

For children of color to be able to look at the whitehouse and see someone like them in the most prestigious office that a person in America can hold. Dream Accomplished!! Now on to the next one...

To complete my PhD in Social Inequality at Howard University, while continuing to fight to end injustice everywhere.

To live in a world where everyone can get along and accept each other for who they are.

my dream; i don't just have one dream, i have many dreams. So many dreams for what people could do in this world...

For all humankind to have the ultimate understanding that we are all the same underneath our differences.

That all people are view from within as oppose to without. [Kelton]

To live in a world with no prejeduce or sterotypes and where everyone can be treated equal and happy with the way they live. Periwinkle

My dream for my for our community is that people in our area would be grateful for what they had. I also wish that people would still continue to be equal to all races, and religions. Garrett

Is to one day own my own marketing company and to have locations throughout the USA!

My dream is to make the work place a more equal playing ground for all not just some. so that we all are given the same respect and opportunities as others...

I dream the day when all beings treat one another with respect, even if we disagree with one anothers beliefs. That we find a way to co-create and co-live peacefully...

I'm currently in a new relationship with a girl that I've loved for a very long time, and I am very happy with her. I hope to stay happy, even if we don't stay together...