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Dreams: Equality

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A world free to believe that all people regardless of color are worthy of mutual respect and the right to pursue their dreams.

i have a dream that the gays should be treated equally. they shouldnt be judged on how they are. i have a dream that people should be leaders and not followers...

One day people all over the world will come to understand we all are God's children…we are one people.

One of my dreams is to provide every one in America, wheter a newcoming immigrant, trying to make a new life, at least 4 acres of land, a home, suitable for a human being, which will be they're p...

Black and white can play together and that we black will have just as much say so as everyone else

To see real equality at work for all, and for wars to be replaced with dialogue, dance and love.

My dream is for everyone to find as much love as I did.

A world where man lives in peace with his fellow man and in harmony with nature

That my children and grandchildren will realize that freedome is not free a prize was paid for our freedom.

For the world to reach an understanding of culture and religion, so that everyone around on lives in harmony and understanding -Megan

My dream is to become a fashion designer when I grow up. -Lanisha

World Peace, equality, and justice for the human race

To live in a world where everyone receives true equality and discrimination ceases to exist.

to one day be treated equal. I would also like to become a doctor. Lauryn

To see all colors and nationalities greeting each other all over the world, with love, everyone!!

My dream for the world is to stop animal abuse because animals don’t deserve to be treated badly or not to be feed...

My dream is that as an African American woman I will be judged for my gifts, intelligence, and talent FIRST, and no longer be stereotyped, and judged solely by my gender and skin color.

For all humankind to have the ultimate understanding that we are all the same underneath our differences.

For my children, Husband fancy and community to be healthy, happy and safe - Shene

A country--and a world-- in which people live together in peace, mutual respect, and treature each other. A world in war & mass killing no longer exist.