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Dreams: Equality

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My dream has been, and still is, that all men everywhere will realize that all men are equal.

My dream is for my children to grow up to live in an environment where there's more unity and caring for one another; to do random acts of kindness, to live ethically.

My dream is to have martin Luther King Jr. hadn't died of such violent ways...

My dream is to end the ignorance and work together to realize we are all of one race...the HUMAN race. Love one another, smile in the midst of madness and laugh...

To live in a world where everyone receives true equality and discrimination ceases to exist.

for fairness and justice to dominate and prevail in all countries across the world.

A world where everyone has a chance at equal education and employment

We have a dream for world peace, no animal abuse, happiness for all, end of hunger, and true FREEDOM for all!

I dream that my children will know what an honest days work for an honest days pay really means, and that the top 2% understand we all want fair and equal compensation so we too can provide for our fa...

Listen actively with an open mind to improve relations among all minority groups.

My Dream is that one day the most vulnerable of our citizens, the citizen in the womb, will be afforded their first inalienable right and that is life.

For there one day to be universal understanding among all people

That one day soon we will be seen as a global family-connected in seeing equality realized one person; one family; one city; one nation at a time!

that one day all people will be equal all over the world and have the right to be Free without war.

I dream that I will be a successful person.

To express my gifts and talents to benefit and serve humankind.

That we will build a global culture of peace, respect, + celebration of diversity, that values human rights and respects human rights. That poverty and social inequality will be eradicated...

That my grandson's and their family will never have to experience or face racism

That we all as citizens of this awesome and dynamic nation live up to greatness of generation past...

Total equaties among everyone in the USA. Peace worldwide love evryone