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Dreams: Equality

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To educate my students about the struggle, so that we can continue to overcome all barriers knowledge is the key to success. I want all of my students to be very successful. Sincerely,

My dream is for everyone to get along [Kristian]

To be a doctor. Jorynn

That Sierra, Silje, Sam & Chanelle will have a bright future; free from artificial restraints of prejudice.

that everyone will work in collaboration to create a positive, fair, living and working environment inclusive of affordable, accessible healthcare that is portable and beneficial to all people.

My dream is to live in a country where the word discrimination is not longer needed by our tongues.

To return to a world where success was measured by your hard work not by the connectons one has.

for everyone to come together and stop bullies.

My dream is that the people of the world will realize that economic life based on growth is unsustainable and will agree to slave equitable and sustainable the planet's resources.

Equality for all and specifically in the U.S.A. it includes economic, gender, race and religion and respectfulness to others and the nature we live in. Mihir

to eradicate the unjust suffering of African Americans across the globe.

I hope some day all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy together and achieve their dreams.

Racial Equality "21"

For a world with peace, health and justice. Fro people to realize their good and GOD within themselves. Wake up and Get BUSY!! [Tauheedah]

My dream is for every human being to respect each other and to respect the EARTH and the UNIVERSE.

That one day we can become one as a nation and that skin color is no longer a problem.

that minds and hearts will remain open to everything involving love and equality, Peace & Love -Christine

As Americans, that we all have the same opportunities, and that we live as one.

To create equality of education and opportunity for girls & women worldwide. Regardless of gender-everyone should be free to leave and pursue their own dreams.

to live in a world free of free, violence or the selfish endeavors of political parties and countries