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Building upon our 50+ year history as a leader in nonviolence training and education. Immersive self-paced learning for personal, cultural and societal transformation.

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The King Center’s flagship eLearning platform is designed to offer a convenient, self-paced online course in Kingian nonviolence, which we refer to as Nonviolence365®. Nonviolence365® is a powerful, practical approach to dealing with conflict and dismantling injustice.

Nonviolence365® Online

Self Paced Nonviolence Training

As the inaugural digital course, Nonviolence365® provide insight into Dr. Martin Luther King’s Nobel Peace Prize-winning strategy to prepare people across the globe to embrace nonviolence as a lifestyle and as a vehicle for social change.

This dynamic learning experience features world-class instructors and practitioners of nonviolence, veterans of the Civil Rights Movement, and some of Dr. King’s most essential readings, speeches, and teachings.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Introduction into Dr. Martin Luther King’s approach to Nonviolence
  • Practical guidelines for dealing with everyday challenges by applying the nonviolence concepts into your own life
  • Understand the commitment required to become a member of the Beloved Community
  • First steps to combating social injustice
  • And more!

In today’s world, it is of upmost importance that we embrace nonviolence as a lifestyle and as a vehicle for social change.

Available Beginning Monday, Jan. 17, 2022
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