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I Have A Dream: Nonviolence365™ 2-Day Orientation

August 26-27, 2016

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In all corners of the globe, Martin Luther King, Jr. is viewed as one of humanity’s most resonant voices for freedom, justice and equality. His emphasis on leveraging nonviolent action to achieve positive social change has inspired millions to continue his efforts through their own hands. Ranging from international peace activists to communities battling poverty in America, people from all walks of life respond to Dr. King’s timeless message and call for a better world.

Spreading the philosophy and tactics employed by Dr. King – “Kingian Nonviolence” – is perhaps The King Center’s most important mandate. Over the years we’ve answered that call through educational programs in schools, onsite exhibits and conferences, and immersive training workshops for young people—and today we’re working diligently to revitalize that mission. King Center leadership and staff are developing new educational activities for our campus in Atlanta, as well as impactful programs to take the Kingian message far beyond our physical site.

King Scholars Curriculum

The first step is this process is already underway. Over recent months we’ve been working to update our definitive K-12 school curriculum, which strives to not only describe Dr. King’s life and accomplishments, but to impart his timeless teachings of nonviolence and service. Deemed the King Scholars program, these materials will be based on prior curriculums that Mrs. King developed during her tenure, enhanced to make them relevant for a modern audience.

The purpose of King Scholars will be to go beyond one-time activities for use only in January (i.e., around the King Holiday) or February (i.e., Black History Month) by illustrating how educators can weave lessons of freedom, justice and peace into their daily lessons. After we complete its development, the program will roll out with a large demonstration project to gauge its quality and impact, then posted online for use by educators around the world.

The curriculum will be complemented by additional online resources – such as e-learning modules on nonviolence and motivational speaker series simulcast online – so that people from around the world can acquire a world-class education on Dr. King’s life and teachings, while also learning how the tools of nonviolent social change can address a broad spectrum of individual, group, and institutional conflicts today.