Letter from Benjamin Mays to MLK


Dr. Benjamin E. Mays writes to Dr. King shortly after President Kennedy's assassination to urge him to take precautions.

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Letter from Benjamin Mays to MLK
Friday, November 29, 1963
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[Inserted text on upper left margin: File] [Stamp received Dec[ember] 2 1963 11-29-1963 Dear Doctor King, Kennedy's death was almost more than I could take. If they hated him, you know they love you less. I hope you will take every precaution as you move around. A man said to me the other day that reporters and photographers follow Presidents around so they can be there to tell the story if anything out of the ordinary happens. I know you are taking every precaution with respect to the use of SCLC [Southern Christian Leadership Conference] funds. Some are trying to smear you by accusing you of using the money for yourself. I [underlined: know] these are lies and I politely tell them so. But I must share these rumors with you. As a friend I could not do otherwise. Tell Miss Jackson that sometime next year, I want to bring her to Morehouse [MS:illegible] wont be in town Best wishes always, Bennie [Benjamin]Mays N.B Are you in town Friday, December 13. Let my office know. I would like to have you meet with Mr. [MS:Illegible]
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