Cypriot Youth Study MLK's Nonviolence at King Center Camp


Pictured above, teens from Cyprus of Greek and Turkish heritage greet their American peers at the N.O.W. (Nonviolence Opportunity Watch) Encounter Youth Nonviolence Camp of The King Center. The Cypriot Youth came to the King Center's nonviolence camp to learn about Dr. King's teachings and how they can be applied to heal divisions, prevent violence and promote understanding and goodwill between ethnic communities in their homeland. The 12 young people are joining with 65 American youth from Atlanta, New Mexio and Montgomery, Alabama in the Camp's workshops and exercizes. In the photo below, all of the youth are pictured together in front of the birth home of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pictured below, King Center N.O.W. Encounter faculty member Bryan Murray conducts a 'breakout' workshop during the second session of the youth nonviolence camp.

photos in this article by Casey McDaniel