The King Center Accepts Donation From Great Expressions Dental Centers

3/12/2012 King Center News

C.E.O. Bernice A. King (3rd from right) accepts a big check replica of a donation of $13,000 from Great Expressions Dental Centers representatives. Pictured from left to right are: Ms. Colleen Mondry, Dr. Bill Reid, Ms. Nadine Brown, Ms. King, Chris Clark and Dr. Randle Little. Great Expressions presented the donation, representing 5% of company revenue generated on the 2012 MLK holiday, to Ms. King at The King Center on March 12, 2012.  Ms. King said, “We greatly appreciate the generosity of Great Expressions Dental Centers. This contribution provides a wonderful example of how the private sector can help support The King Center’s efforts to help carry forward the unfinished work of Martin Luther King, Jr.