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I want to be a sucessful writer, director and artist to fulfill my desire to help people at the core of their soul and being. I want to help Lift them from despair, hopelessness and helplessness...

Peace.. Love.. Happiness... Success... Prosperity... Wisdom... Knowledge... God's Guidance! :)

My dream is to see a world in which everyone is embraced and treated equally, in which there peace and no violence.

My dream is to find happiness

i dream to be an astronaut. - yolanda renee king

My dream is world peace and love and harmony

My dream is to have the government invest in Real education for all its citizens. Education should NOT be a privilege.

My dream for our country is for everyone to work hard in life so everyone will have a job or a career so everyone will succeed in life.

To go to college and graduate to change the world

To end all gang violence, and live in harmony.

to become a house hold name-not from the money, fashion or maternial possesions that cloth me, but the in ward love of God that shown there me...

Is to be a doctor and help homless people and help sick pets. Yazmen

to help someone in my life. to sing to who want music or song to sing for them

To become a Parent. Very Soon!

my dream is to be a dancer and a science teacher

...for MLK's Dream to be finally attained. I would like to be knocked down by providing equal & quality education to our children. Give children a fair start!

To douse the flames of hatred, cultural misunderstanding and indifference with love, knowledge and faith.

My dream is to have a daycare one day. To prepare kids for school and life. To make a difference for them. Monique

To be happy and content with the choices I make in my life, for te rest of my life.

My dream is that my children, born in a foreign country, adopted as infants, and now citizens of the United States of America will one day be eligible to become President of this country.