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to carry out the legacy that has been put before me. To be someone my forfathers can be proud of. To just enjoy my life and be successful in freedom I have been given.

To fulfill Gods wishes! -Kyla

Food, housing, safety, joy for all people in the world.

My dream for the country is that every child in America goes to a good school.

To go to college and graduate to change the world

to stop shelters from killing animals.

T live a happy life and do what I can to bring joy to other. We don't always know what others are feeling, but we can shake joy all over...

To live in a society liberated from these restraints holding back our minds body and soul. Gabriel

i have a dream that i will be able to feel pretty, stop trying to hurt myself, stop believing im worthless, and to stop being jealous.

to Stop animal abuse

My Dream is that everyone get along and ban together to stop the violence.

For my son Brandon to reach his goals in life. i hope that God will bless him with wisdom and good health. From Dad

To end illeteracy around the world!

for peace to be in everyone's hearts, for there to be no uniforms, for everyone to stop being homophobic, to ace all of my classes and make my family proud...

for humanity to respect, love and care for the planet, its creatures and one another so that we may live in greater harmony now and in the future.

To sing in concerts and raise all the money for charities, to help others.

My Dream is Peace in Israel,

I have a dream for World Peace.

To become a world-famous architect.

to accomplish the things I want to acomplish in my life and let nothing get in my way of my goals.