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Peace and Goodwill toward men [Stephanie]

That all children in urban communities will truly have a quality education and an equal chance to suceed in America.

My dream is to be the best football player over.

that people begin to respect one another and care about one another that all children are provided with a quality education. No more poverty!

My dream is mostly making our world more exciting. Jordan

Betty I My dream is to be a famous singer. Open up housing for young, homeless kids a let them feel like they have a beautiful family

to have & own a chiropractic & rehab center. To be a prosperous business owner. To donate in order to help my church, community & family...

My dream is that all people are treated equally.

When I was born, I was crying and everyone around me was smiling. My dream is to live my life in a way that when I die, I am the one smiling and everyone around me is crying.

to change at least one life for the better

To be a light to others To share the Good News of eternal Life and Goodness of Jesus The Christ

To accomplish goals which other try to hinder me from obtaining to live in a world where "black" are no longer stereotype and every dream is reachable.

To capture the dreams of others "without a vision the people will perish" in helping youth touch their dreams.

That men, women, boys and girls world know the power of common courtesy, manners & respect. It takes you a long way in life.

for the country stop all the racial poverty and criminal ethics towards people where money is not the factor just humanity

My dream is to make a legacy out of my grandmother and to give a awesome life to my Mother who went through a lot in her life, and to put us where we are today, I love her and my grandmother

To be a great example to my grandchildren and other children that I have contract with. A great attitude goes a long way! Be patient and enjoy life!

My dream is to live long and peacefully.

That we will not have to dream of a day of true equality, because it will be common place in every state, city, in every town and hamlet. "No justice - no peace" 9-22-11

For every child in America to have a good meal everyday and be able to receive a quality education