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My dream is for everyone in the world to be happy!

Achievement Gap Closed

My dream is a bit big. I dream for the entire world. I wish that a time would come and people will not hate one another based on religion. I wish that people with stand with one another to stop wars...

to accomplish all my goals in life and this world will come to peace so the violence and racism will stop for good.

To allow all undocumented immigrants to live without the fear of being deported, separated from their families. To one day soon have immigration reform that will allow them to live free.

My dream is to be debt free. My dream is to be happy and for my children to grow up beautifully and be well rounded adults.

My dream is the idea of friendship and happiness between everyone in our world without hatred and judgmental feelings that might hurt others including yourself. The idea of living with no violence...

My dream is that the world will be peaceful.

My dream is to become a psychologist and attend Virginia Tech University and recieve my Doctorate Degree. This dream would be impossible without the help of Dr.Martin Luther King and many more.

That someday, I will be walking down the aisle, partner in hand…looking out to the crownd and knowing my family was truly happy for me.

To become a better frather to my kidz. To become a better leader to the youth in the hood.

To be a positive force in my community. To see others spread the love of God and empower each other. A nation that focuses on advancement and achievement

To be a dream-maker.

I whan avereyone to love Gob.

Americans can live as though we are all one in same & children could never have to experience racism.

that one day I may be able to help make a difference in this country in this struggle towards true equality.

My dream is to inspire kids to help, the world with poverty, starvation, and education

To leave an impact that can't be erased. Rise above the glass ceiling. To spread love and hope in the world. To fulfill my God given destiny. Towanda...

My dream is to leave a legacy that my children can pass to their children and for generations to come.

For gay marriage to to allowed everywhere and that everyone accepts their sexual orientation.