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That my son will not be question about his race the way my father was.

Ending poverty through communication. Peoples needs will be met with other people generosity through a better communication.

That all of our children get a great education. That poverty and world hunger ends. That we work together for good of all.

To walk anywhere in the world and everyone smiles and says Hi. --Clarence

IP I DREAM IS to Be A fire fighter.

My dream is to become the first black women to be president so I can make changes to help the world and economy.

Our United States and the rest of the world to begin anew; new cultural, spiritual classical renaissance. a beacon of hope, temple of liberty, a shinning city on top a hill, should again be the...

to graduate high school and college :) For Barack Obama to have a 2nd term as President of USA Thank You!

My dream is that some day there will be no more drug, alchol or tobacco users! If no one smokes it won't pollute or kill anyone anymore! If no one uses drugs or alchohol, people will not be...

To start my own business/charity.

I have a dream that every body would be friends and respect each other. I want the fighting to stop and the killing to stop too. I want the conflicts to stop every where and the world to have peace.

To become an entrepenuer. I want to start my own foundations that helps less fortunate people I see. This will make me an empowering black young lady and I will be judged by the content of my...

A world free of corruption and the insatiable love of money.

To open a youth training center, created to train and develop youth. It will have a focus of social justice, cultural education, and the development of peer educators. It is time for youth to walk...

My dream is to become successful in life.

To appreciate Transport of years to come but continue to turn to another and know the wether appreciate a better day moving. Find out who's cruising make a way to proving save gas keep clean air...

to be truely happy, and to be able to see a world where we as a unit practice what we preach and we teach our children to love wholey with judgements and that the only RACE is human!

To improve the health of people everywhere

to one day be treated equal. I would also like to become a doctor. Lauryn