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to have a pet Leopard and have a pet snake

That every human being on the face of this earth no matter what color, creed, or race, will one day realize that not only are we one that we serve One God, and we are all One Voice.

To have everyone respect and love each other as the late great Mr. Martin Luther King -Steffie

My dream is that everyone in the world has the courage and the opportunity to follow their dreams.

my dream is to grow up to be in the air force i want to be in the air not on the ground

I have a dream, that people will someday end their profit hungry motives, and seek to contribute to the natural world...

That one day humanity will trump profit.

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

My dream is to graduate high school with good grades and go to college in New York. And to become successful in life! Donna

For racism to end [Gabrielle]

My dream is to be successful in life.

My dream is to keep striving forward and reach and accomplish my educational goals and move into a career I am passionate about and love AND in being a single mother continue to raise my daughter inst...

is to become a cosmetologist finish college, and graduate. I want to own my own shope calls Unique Beauty

My dream is for GOD's people, children of Abraham to come together in unity.

My dream for our community is for everybody to have an ample supply of food year round because then the hungry people won’t be starving anymore. Jackson

For good health, lots of love and God's protection for my family and the world. For the next generation to know peace to help and serve each other. [Jane Clark]

My dream is to become an important doctor or forensic scientist and make a difference in the world...

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

To live in a peaceful world. Jacqueline

That we all learn form the history of great men likeMLK and really listen to what they were saying about equality, freedom, non-violence and peace.