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I Have a Dream is help kide and people. Desmond

For all men and women to cease the need to inflict pain on eachother. The 11th commandment is to LOVE.

my dream is that we can make solar powered cars, grills, and computers so that global warming can stop where it is.

to travel around the world, and see all people greeting one another as sisters and brothers. I dream of becoming known as the person who made a difference in the lives of many people here and abroad

Peace and vater - Standing between all. less anger. more calm.

To see the day when the education offered to low-income homes is the same offered to affluent families. Free education a world of young leaders happy to continue learning and

That we all come together and love each other. All nations under one GOD!

That we will full fill the dream of non-violence

I dreamed that one day we as the teenagers coud all get alone with one another instead of fighting. We as teens should want to work together to support each other...

to Stop animal abuse

I dream that one day we as a people will love each other as God loves us.

My dream is that someday we shall overcome. Just like Martin Luther King Jr said... [Vicky]

to one day run my own buisnes

Women , children and men of all races and ethnicities have access to living a healthy life regardless of income! Health is a human right [Cherly]

that I will be able to make animal dream come true

to become a pilot in the airforce and protect my country Ellis

Since I had my daughter, the importance of a good start in life became more evident to me, and the thought that there are children who have for grow up without basic resources, is almost in comprehens...

I have a dream to be happy healthy and loved by all of my family and for them to to love me back.

I have a dream that one day people would not be judged by the color of their skin...

That all people will someday come to realize the following: "That all that is really worth doing on this earth is that which we do for others" Peter