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to not just be on a team is to own a team. So everyone can live in a peaceful and loving world. -Tafari K.

I have a dream my 5 year old son would not be judged based on the country his family orginated or his name. I have a dream that one day the ignorance in this world will stop and we will defintely...

My dream is to see my family and the world walking in their God given purpose.

Peace and Goodwill toward men [Stephanie]

For each person to take the responsibility to end suffering - do not harm others physically or emotionally, do not harm animals, and help those who are less fortunate. If we all just did the "...

For God to bless me with the gift of healing with his power. I want to be able to prey safe one out of bondage. Let's not forget the financial blessings. Sonjia 1/16/2012...

to have a great heart and become just like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Esther

That we call all live together as one family in the United States of America

To be famous singer/music producer.

That we all come together and love each other. All nations under one GOD!

To Live Life to the fullness-Too Laugh out loud and to Enjoy happiness wherever it goes Ronnie

My dream is that all people are treated equally.

My dream is that there will be justice for Domestic Violence victims and survivors. I am a survivor and I have been fighting since 2005 to have my children back with me.

My dream is that all children in the US of A will have the encouragement to dream and the opportunity to work to fulfill their dreams. Their spiritual, economic, and personal dreams.

to go to places all over the world, where there are problem so that I can help others.

to become a better volleyball and ping-pong player.

to motivate young people to live a life that will be an inspiration to others.

that the respect for the senior citizens that pave the way in life for us, also that I dream a kind a cure for cancer that all races the serve

to learn everything, make the most of each opportunity I am afforded, and take what I know to teach others. I want to share all that I have and serve all that I can! Sarah Eau Claire, WI

My dream is to be able to help other and help my family.