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To see technology advance in a way to cure seemingly uncureable diseases!

to make the world a better place

I hope to make a difference. I want to use art to do for others that it has done for me. As a way to express themselves for the world to see.

For my son Brandon to reach his goals in life. i hope that God will bless him with wisdom and good health. From Dad

I dream that one day the world will stop living in fear of one another, and develop a unit of genuine, loving trust.

My dream is to go oto college graduate at the top of my class, get a soccer scholarship, find a good husband, and Be a great mother

To make a difference by helping those who desire wealth create wealth [Lawan]

my dream is to play basketball in the nba and be better than kobe bryant and michael jordan and when my judgment day comes to get into heaven with jesus

to get my grades up and for the world to continue

My dream is that the young children of our day recognize the sacrifices made by our forefathers and Dr. King. I would like for them to realize what rights they have today and why...

to make the world a better place like not shooting. Sarai

That all people will someday come to realize the following: "That all that is really worth doing on this earth is that which we do for others" Peter

My dream is to be writer and rich

to live well eat well stay healthy and treat people the way I want to be treated.

My dream for our world is their will never be a war or any problems between countries.

To have peace among familys. To many familys are torn apart over things. Simple things.

I have a dream one day in my life time - Racisme will end. People will be judged by who they are not the color of their skin.

My dream is that all people work together for a world filled with respect, admiration, love and civility for all people of the world.

We wish that all Races will live together better. T.M.

To have no poor people in the world