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Dreams: Sports

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I have a dream that BYU football will win another National Title.

My dream is to become a Professional football player

I have a dream that when I player soccer I want to all my friends play with me then I will be a professional player of soccer but first I will go to college to get new friends...


My dream is mostly making our world more exciting. Jordan

for the Knicks to win the NBA championship

My dream is to jump off the cliff and LIVE!!

my dream is to succeed in foot ball

Flamengo club team will be the world champions again

to Be Pro BasketBall player

I dream to become a professional baskeball player. I love the sport and i am good at it. I dont see why I won't make. I can do this and I know I can...

I want to help someone to be better at soccer. Then go to a Florida team and then teach more and more kids about soccer.

my dream is to be point guard for duke blue devils and have a good scholorship most of all I want to graduated from tarboro high and go to duke unversesity and be in the NBA and stop anmial abuse by:N...

My dream to have sports all over the world. We should beable to have sports.

my dream is to be in the NBA.

I dream that one day women will be seen as equals to men in the public sphere of sports; whereas, society will discontinue the debasing of women athletes as mere images/sex symbols and credit them as ...

My Dream Is to be a just like muhamad ali float like a butterfly sting like a bee his best quoat. I also want to be a pro basketball player and a pro soccer player.

to be the best i will in school and sports

My Dream is to be the best writer

my dream is to be a Knicks player