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Dreams: Sports

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i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

My Dream to be a soccer player and to make everyone to have that freedom. and I will we will be happyness and freedom Daniel

my dream is to succeed in foot ball

To Be an foot Ball Player, and be very famous.

I have a dream that one day i will become a famous soccer player because i love to pay soccer and will enjoy doing it for a living.

My dream is to become a quarterback for the Washington Redskins and get number 10 like my favorite quarterback Robert Griffen,III ...

is to be the richiest,cooliest man in the world

I have a dream that all people should be treated the same . and tha i want to be a proprofesinal soccer and football and basketball player . may God bless you amen.

Flamengo club team will be the world champions again

My dream is to play every sport besides cricket

To be a famous football reciever like Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Roddy White and Juilo Jones.

My dream is that god will help me to become a WWE superstar.

to start a non-profit for under represented student athlete's focusing on professional Development & College Prep. Allowing them to have access to dreams other than professional sports.

for the Knicks to win the NBA championship

to be the best i will in school and sports

To be a professional soccer player.

My Dream Is to be a just like muhamad ali float like a butterfly sting like a bee his best quoat. I also want to be a pro basketball player and a pro soccer player.

I have a dream to get into Syracuse University and be the goalie of the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team.

My dream is to win first place at worlds and, NCA! DOnt quIT

To start a little league in the poorest city in America Camden N.J.