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To play basketball to be sucssefull in life to be loved and caring

I want everyone to be seen as EQUAL. I have a dream to make my parents proud when I grow up and for my parents to be able to say "that's my boy!"...

I have a dream that no one will be judged by their color of its skin or by how they looking person or facial expression. They should be judged by their content of character.

My dream is to connect AfroBrazilians and African Americans

My Dream Is To Defy The Negative Stereo Types That Seem To Be Tightly Bound To African American Males. Not Only Through My Living But By Way Of Teaching Young African American, Male Youth How to Live...

90% of all American to Vote 95% of all AA to vote

People should look beyond the "Color" of your skin.... We are all in this together!!!...

my dream is that one day every person will be able to put aside differences in religion, sex and race so that happiness can truly be achieved and the love God gave us can be fullfilled eternally


I have a dream one day in my life time - Racisme will end. People will be judged by who they are not the color of their skin.

For my child and all other african african american children to receive the equality education that dream passionately fought for and was his dream.

to realize in my lifetime acceptance of human beings regardless of their race, ethnicity, class or sexual orientation that we might unite to combat injustice everywhere.

to live freely, give unconditionally, love passionately, smile constantly, and do things that speak to my own authentic self.

A world where man lives in peace with his fellow man and in harmony with nature

I Dream Black & Color Come Together

Rodney I have a dream that every body (black white yellow red) I don't care, I Just want every one would Just get along and work together like a Family...

We wish that all Races will live together better. T.M.

My dream is that kindness will prevail over guns and that we as a nation will see the racial inequity of mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses and Stand Your Ground laws will be...

for me and my family to live a healthy and prosperous life. And for racism to stop in this country

For love to conquer ALL.