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...That one day we will all be happy and friends. That would be fantastic!

when everyone gets to know each other and not to meet by violence

1. Greater love and concern for each other 2. Greater financial generosity to those in need 3. Rededication of ideals to our young people. 4. More cooperation by our leaders.

that everybody will be together

To live in a world where everyone can get along and accept each other for who they are.

My dream is to see the world come together and make peace with everyone. I don't want to see anymore fighting going on around the world, we should all just make peace with everyone and enjoy the...

For all the troops to get back home safely and for all this nonsense to end already and actually try to get along with one another.

my dream is to dream of a dream and have a dream about a dream dreaming

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another

That one day acceptance and tolerance of all people and our differences will be a characteristic of all societies. May our children be inspired to live their life motivated by a desire to make a...

My dream is to help others and stop bullying. When you see someone bullying someone you don't have to tell out loud but just tell it secretly. Even if you don't know that person just love...

To see all colors and nationalities greeting each other all over the world, with love, everyone!!

to have a society free of stereotypes and racial intolerance. I want my campus and community to be places where people don't feel marginalized but accepted...

I dream that I keep my job, and that all my family and friends are well taken care of this year.

that all mankind will live in peace and harmony

I have a dream to go to college for teaching little kids.

That all people are united in unity. Regardless of difference we find common ground to accept our differences.... I dream of unity.

My dream for our community is that we can get to know everyone better, and find good quality’s in them.

I have a dream that their will be peace in the world.

My dream is for Black Women and Black Men to learn to get along and stop hating each other