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Dreams: Friendship

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To have a lot of friends to play with. To cellebrate martin Luther Kings Day, and to give thanks To letting me see what all martin Luther King done. Josh

that all mankind will live in peace and harmony

To witness a world of selfless loving individuals where love is currency and motive for all people, and where all may live in harmony. [Casey]

Is to be happy and find love

do good in school and meet new friends.

To make all Black people and white people be friends. [Justin] Pre-k 2012

i think we should continue Martin Luther King Jr.s speech

I have a dream that one day, everyone no matter there physical appearance or mental abilities will be accepted...


for all people with special needs to furfill the dreams

I dream that me and my friend Jada are going to be best friends forever.

for blacks and whites to get alone.

To drive at . I win the lotrey go to home go to alot of partys have alot of friends have good friends. Be a good student. Be a sister to erey girl scout

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another

i dream of a world where everybody have a family, friends. I dream of a world where everybody live in peace and love. Everybody must be happy.

My dream for my community is that neighbors will be good neighbors and friends will be good friends. Charles

My dream for the country is to prevent bullying. If every state made stronger laws and inforced them better, we could all eliminate bullying together! -Julia

for all of ponyville to be happy

that a cure for cancer will be found. that everyone will accept everyone else. That I will open my own African-American dance school.

My dream is the day the I wake up and everyone lives by the Golden Rule