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Dreams: Friendship

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.is that they all just behave themselves

for all of ponyville to be happy

To strive to be happy and healthy everyday. To strive to excellence everyday.To get all A honor roll.Also to keep my friendships.

MY dream is that we grow more unified as a society - across class, race, and religion. That we find in our difference and underlying similarity: we are all one.

To witness a world of selfless loving individuals where love is currency and motive for all people, and where all may live in harmony. [Casey]

that all people will be nice, loveable and fair. It doesn't matter if we're black or white, we're one big family!...

The right to work and be equal on all avenues, as I'm disabled and have never been treated as an equal to others that aren't... I received an ASB degree in accounting from a state school in...

A movement towards embracing diversity resulting ultimately in positive interactions defined by kindness, frienship, and love.

People should look beyond the "Color" of your skin.... We are all in this together!!!...

i dream that one day everyone will be nice to one another..

to be the best person I can be in school, my extra curriculars, and friends. As well as, caring for others before myself. A more personal dream is becoming an actress, not even famous just being able...

My dream is to stop all the killing robbing and to have a black woman president. Also to have nice communities and everybody to get along with each other.

To keep peace and Love everyone and Just Let everyone come Together as one

My Dream is to empower young urban girls to be successful despite their social and economic challenges!!!

That one day all races will truly be able to work hand in hand as brothers and sisters. and to treat each other with respect. to love each other with agape love as God has commanded us too.

do good in school and meet new friends.

A world where adults interact with each other with the excitement , enthusiasm and openness of children

that people are kind and loving to each other. Ellie

I dream of a peaceful world where everyone is loved and happy.

A world of peace and love, exhibiting to every living being the love and example of Jesus Christ. By this, I mean I desire that people follow the Golden Rule, that no human being go hungry; that...