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90 dreams to explore travel around the world and represent my country as a sophisticated and knowiedgable adult

to go to outer space if possible, have a strong and healthy family, leave an impact on the world with the people 2 interact with and to go rock climbing again.

I hope when I grow up I will have a loving wife or girlfriend that wants a family some I can travel the world with. Some one that makes me happy

to meet lots of celebrities and travel around the world. and To be a doctor and graduate from college.

To visit the Monument and hopefully see my son perform He "I have a dream" speech for his school play...

To travel, meet people of all cultures, and explore different, unique places. And also for the loved to be successful.

my dream is to be a bakitball player in tne wrold

Help stop the femal genocide across the world and let my children understand the need to be kind and helpful to others

To travel the world! :)

to travel to interesting places outside the US; for there to be no war or poverty; to be famous, and to get everyone to love Quizilla as much as I do.

To become a famous singer. To help make a difference

That people will travel far and learn about different languages, cultures, places and traditions so they can experience a world outside of their own.

I have a dream. Where one day this world will be civil. Where a person, white or black, can walk down a street without fear. I have a dream, Where one day all the people in the world can be civil.

to travel across the world and help people in need

My dream is to all my dreams come True. I dream to be an ambassador of peace in the whole world. Also to travel around the world and help others. Health, sucess, prosperity and love to my lovely...

To do something in the field of my writing like journalism or screenplay also to become a model.

to travel through the world to see how God touched his children around the world

My dream is that every Mexican gets papers.

to live in a different country for more than a year.

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.