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Dreams: Religion

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God's continual blessing for me and my family.

I have a dream that 1 day everyone can be nice to each other and we can all go to heaven. Do you know what I am saying because I don't think anyone wants to go to hell...

To love and receive love and may God bless our love forever -Prentis

my dream is to be first black lady prime minister Faith

My dream is to love and touch as many people's lives as I can while raising a christian family with the values and influence of the lord our God.

My is God loving everyone [Tatyana]

Find peace and happiness in everything I do for my business, community, and family

My dream is that one day i will make a difference in this world. I want to stand out. I don't want to be like everyone else. I also want to inspire people...

i have a dream to be a navy seal.

Keeping the faith also to my high power help other keep my family together with have keep God in my life...

To Attend an IVY league college. To Raise my Kids with a solid Christian foundation. To Have enough finance to be comfortable and To Live abroad.

To service people through out the community and do God's will. [SFC]

My dream is to be in a strong Successful relationship... one that can be an example to our children...

My dream is that my daughter will have a successful life build upon the foundation Dr. King fought for filled with opportunity and promise

that God continues to bless President Obama and his family AND god bless the United States of America

Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity! God's mercy and Grace for all of us!

To help people with problem that they are dealing with. Help the poor and showing them love that God did for me.

to travel through the world to see how God touched his children around the world

To be the best that I can be through the Grace of God and the blessings of my parents. Continue to pay it forward & serve accordingly.

That we will no longer need religion or the promise of an afterlife to create a better society.