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I want to be rich in the future.

My dream is to riched and have all of the American girl's by Jaeden...

My mom to win the Lotterry

Is to be a millionaire

To get rich so I could help the needy and give back

My dream would be that people who are shut ins would have their need'd met IE: Wheelchair's, Handicapped vehicle's etc. So that they could do thing's 'most of society takes...

that God continues to keep my family healthy, safe and financialy independent. Monica

I have a dream where everyone can have a house and not be homeless and they could have money so they could have money so they can buy food and warm clothes and no one will be racist and they wont be...

To win the powerball and buy waterfront property in Miami and purchase a 25ft yacht.

….never losing the ability to dream. We gain strength, inspiration, passion, and hope from our inner most dreams. It is my motivator and my engine. My dream is keeping tht light shining bright.

My dream for our country is for everyone to become detached from materialism because then we can all become more spiritual beings. Jackson

my dream is to one see that everybody is treated equal and fair no matter what color you are and that are leadership shell come togather for the peoples cause and not politcle cause martin luther...

To make enough money to greatly influence the lives of others in a positive manner. Dante

My Dream is that I was rish

is making 10,000 a month to help all the diferent nationals in country the god give me healh, happing

To be successful in all areas and aspects of my life.

my dream is to live a comfortable life with my family

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

G's Dream is to be a Millianair and have a placce. G:)...