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The Be Famous and Rich, and to be Known For My goodness in life.

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

My dream is to have 100 dollars and live to be a billion years old and become a Batman.

My dream is to go to MLB major league baseball.

The dream that one day will come true is that there would be world peace and that world be a better place for everyone. also that anyone who is living in poverty will some day be living a healthy/...

To be successful ~Imani

To become financially stable enough to create philanthropic endeavors to assist in aiding illnesses around the world as well as create poetic messages that inspire under-privileged youth!

I Have A Dream… to go to college I Have A Dream…to be happy no what happens I Have A Dream…to change the world

i dream to end world hunger! i dream that all will get proper health! i dream that schools will bring religion back to schools! i dream Alabama will win more national championships! i dream that the...

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

My Dream is that I was rish

I have a dream that I will be rich and I will be in the FBI.

My dream for our country is that we all become other obsessed with money. Tyler

i have a dream to have infininte amount of money.

My dream is too keep the enviroment clean.


To have my own ministry counseling business criminal/justice family Ejuenile with minor social work and to be global around the nation with the words I made it