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137 dreams to explore

My dream for our country is for everyone to become detached from materialism because then we can all become more spiritual beings. Jackson

My dream for the community is that everyone is hard- working and does their fair share of work. That way there would be less spatial inequality.

My dream for our country is more people have jobs.

To become a successful chiropractor, so I can provide for my family and friends.

My dream is to go to MLB major league baseball.

A Living Wage for All Working People!

that i will have a rech house. and a lot of money.

My dream for my community is to help people who can’t do the things we can do these days. Like poor people, people who can help them should buy shampoo and soap and other stuff they might need and...

My dream is that one day there will be no more war. I pray that there will never be more worldly conflicts and that more lives will be saved. I wish that there wasn't as much taxes, especially...

I have a dream that dreams will no longer be viewed as things separate from man's day-today existence, but as necessary as the air he breathes and the water he drinks...

My dream is to be the most successful banked in the world -From Ion

I hava a dream that one day my HOPES (my children) will one day benefit & contribute to Global Diplomacy through language, culture, education, diversity, love & most of all FAITH! MY DREAMS...

To be worth $16 Billion

My dream is that no one grinds the botton; everyone can be who they wish I granted it is legal to productive and prosper, contribute to world growth and make a difference

Buy my own home get married. Have enough money to pay off all bills, good health prosperity much Joy, Love, and Happiness

I have a dream that I will go to college and become very successful later on in life.

My dream for our country is that we all become other obsessed with money. Tyler

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

My dream is that I become a professional basketball player and make alot of money.

My dream is to the best dad and father in the world...and be very successful [Brian]