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Dreams: Wealth

137 dreams to explore

to grow up and be a successful business woman [Tristin]

to get a pet

To be successful ~Imani

i dream to end world hunger! i dream that all will get proper health! i dream that schools will bring religion back to schools! i dream Alabama will win more national championships!...

that God continues to keep my family healthy, safe and financialy independent. Monica

My family members and my friends will lead a happy and meaningful life. I can be a very nice person in the eyes of the people around me. World peace and prosperity! -Ying

To become a NY Ranger and that they win today. Also I want to become a billionaire and stuff.

My dream is to be the best singer in the whole world, and win millions of dollars.

To win the powerball and buy waterfront property in Miami and purchase a 25ft yacht.

My Dream is that I was rish

that i will have a rech house. and a lot of money.

I want to grow up, go to a good college and get a degree. Then get a medical digree so I can grow up and be a doctor...

That financial bills and taxes could go down and that Obama would be respected more because he is our first African black person to be president and I could make a difference in the world and make it ...

To be a successful man with an education and own my own mechanic shop. Finish up UTI at the top of my class and intern with NHRA when I graduate.

The dream that one day will come true is that there would be world peace and that world be a better place for everyone...

To make enough money to greatly influence the lives of others in a positive manner. Dante

My dream is to obtain the finances to attend graduate school, and receive a master's degree in clinical laboratory science. SUCCESS!!

To be a famous guitar. I want to be rich. -Destiny

To get rich so I could help the needy and give back

$1 B company! -joy + peace every day -the good life for me + my family