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I have a dream that one day people will not be so greedy and will work together to create a better world.

To have 5 shop to do hair in them and to give back to the world

To become an entrepenuer. I want to start my own foundations that helps less fortunate people I see. This will make me an empowering black young lady and I will be judged by the content of my...

is that the living wage is enacted ending the vast disparity between executive and worker pay and that dignity and respect are restored to the American workplace.

I have a dream that I will one day help to better the human race


that America's yesterday, today and tomorrow become merged to become one nation reflecting and economic prosperity for all mankind...

My dream is to be writer and rich

To become one of the most prominent and sought after black woman Financial Advisers in the United States

to have the same dream as Martin luther king did,. The best auther in the World! land be wealthy from Adonnis

To one day witness the end to corprate greed and the unfair and ever widening margin between the pay of CEO's and employees who do the work. A time when working people are no longer required to...

To get rich so I could help the needy and give back

To be a successful business woman and take care of my family.

I have a dream that the world will be a better place, without wars and other fatal castastrophes. I have a dream that the world will be cured from all sicknesses. I just had a dream…

Property on at lest 3 continents, successful verlar

My dream is a big one, but when I dream, I dream big. These are not just words on a piece of paper, as I am not merely a dream, but a dream maker.

My dream is that all children in the US of A will have the encouragement to dream and the opportunity to work to fulfill their dreams. Their spiritual, economic, and personal dreams.

-Sabrina I wish money didn't determine everything...

I have dream mu dream is all people are will be rich

That everything well be free so you won't have to spend all of your money on something you really like...