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Dreams: End Violence

366 dreams to explore

That the economy will become better and that all the violence will stop in this world. Gillian

I dream of a world filled with peace.

For the World to see an increase in world peace

My dream for the country is to prevent bullying. If every state made stronger laws and inforced them better, we could all eliminate bullying together! -Julia

My dream for our country is that we is that there would be no abuse to animals and innocent children. Anthony

I have a dream that all the people that shooting will stop. The more people shoot the more people will die.

when everyone gets to know each other and not to meet by violence

Know Thyself

I have a dream….for all people to look in the mirror and believe in his or her self. To believe in a dream of equality and ending violence with peace among people around the world, to think of others...

My dream is that one day everyone would stop killing and everything will be free

I hope that there will be an end to all war and peace throughout the world.

My Dream is for the children of the world to live in Peace, have food to eat and be able to enjoy an education.

The world can get to a point where everyone can live with peace. Where war is a matter of history.

I had a dream that everyone live there whole life...... I HAD A DREAM

My dream for our community is peace and to end hunger. Austin

to have world peace

for children to be safe in school

For peace in the world and no more wars, murdering or robbery and everyone to get along. S.B.P

As a girl who was bullied, my dream is to establish a nonprofit organization that handles dispute resolution among "at risk" girls. The organization will also teach self-esteem principles...

to end human suffering and leave no man, woman or child hungry. That all people have the freedom to roam freely and express their opinions with no fear of persecution.