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Dreams: End Violence

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To end all gang violence, and live in harmony.

Totalitarian communist shall be terminated in the world.

My dream is to work towards a peaceful world through understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

My dream is to end war beacause I think that we should have more peacein the world.

I dream of a day when all people are free. A day when poverty, war and violence come to an end. I dream of a day when peace and love come first.

to end human suffering and leave no man, woman or child hungry. That all people have the freedom to roam freely and express their opinions with no fear of persecution.

My dream is to stop all the killing robbing and to have a black woman president. Also to have nice communities and everybody to get along with each other.

I have a dream….for all people to look in the mirror and believe in his or her self. To believe in a dream of equality and ending violence with peace among people around the world, to think of others...

i have a dream that everyone will work together get along put there difrences aside and become one in a brother and sister kinda way quite fighting each other become friends and find something...

My dream is for people to choose the most loving action when faced with a decision or in a conversation. Starting from a place of respect and love for your fellow man or creatures will never lead you...

My dream is to have world peace. I wish that nobody will fight..

I dream of healthy and peaceful workplaces where we strive to hold each other up.

My dream for our world is their will never be a war or any problems between countries.

for children to be safe in school

Global militia dissolution within my lifetime

50 years MLK Day celebration: KKK Threat saddens my heart. They're marching I'm still dealing with racism, unfair education system and violations of injustices. 50 years later, there is...

Everyone to see each other with no color, respect and equal. End fighting over ideas and resources. Loving in harmony.

To see real equality at work for all, and for wars to be replaced with dialogue, dance and love.

My dream is to stop war and create peace for the world. -xander h

I hope that there is an end to all war and terrorism.