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for children to be safe at school

I Have A Dream I have a dream there will be less world hunger.

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery


I hope that all war and terrorism will be gone from our world.

I have a dream: That one day there will be no bullying. Everyone will get along and no one will discriminate or send hate to others simply because they are different. Even though you may not get...

I have a dream that one day no one will go to bed hungry, every child will have access to education, and no person or animal will be abused.

Travel to every part of the globe and be welcome everywhere.

Raising my Children to know and love the Lord. Loving my Family! Mentoring.

That there will be no more war -Robert

My dream is to have martin Luther King Jr. hadn't died of such violent ways. My dream is to end war and violence and be filled with peace, love, helping others , work hard, happiness and...

The Middle East full of peace, love and friendship without dictators like Bashar Assad and Khamenei.

My dream is for people to have a respect for all life tod the way we get our food and building a conscientious appreciation for what animals sacrifice to feed us and be our companions. And,...

My dream is to stop war and create peace for the world. -xander h

My dream is that some day there will be no more drug, alchol or tobacco users! If no one smokes it won't pollute or kill anyone anymore! If no one uses drugs or alchohol, people will not be...

I have a dream that the world will end violence :)

my dream is for world peace. All the countries live together in peace and help each other out in any way they can. There will be no wars between countries just settle confrontations peacefully.

is to join together as one and help each other out in the world .. give to the helpless and hunger.. stop noble warming and bring world peace .....

what's happened with the dream of Dr. King? My dream is his dream. A world free of violent. I'm German born after WW2. I was learnt to keep peace in our hearts in mind and action. I've...

Peace for the Palestinians - that they may find the way of non-violence and peaceful protest. Anthony