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Dreams: End Violence

366 dreams to explore

These images further inspire those who fight against tyranny and that the lessons learned in this struggle will not be repeated.

That there will be no more war -Robert

i have a dream that everyone will work together get along put there difrences aside and become one in a brother and sister kinda way quite fighting each other become friends and find something everyon...

It's 2013, time to learn from the past and start living together respectfully and in peace...

i have a dream that all violence and war would end forever and ever

that I can dare to really dream

My dream for our world is that there will be peace between all the countries and all war will end. Rhea

for children to be safe in school.

to see my daughter accomplish her dreams. To own my own business. and to have enough money to buy a house when i retire and live comfortable.

I want to stopkilling 30318

Naimah My Dream is allthe fight the mean things will stop and everybody will be friends. my Dream will be saved in you

Peace for the Palestinians - that they may find the way of non-violence and peaceful protest. Anthony

to see a more tolerant society and to never see a repeat of the World Trade Center disaster that terrible day on 9/11.

when everyone gets to know each other and not to meet by violence

Help stop the femal genocide across the world and let my children understand the need to be kind and helpful to others

My dream in there would be peace on earth and no more poverty [Ben]

that everyone would get along with each other. My dream is to mainly prevent bullying from happening, because I know if that happens, many lives would be saved.

to make the world a better place like not shooting. Sarai

To end poverty, child abuse, brutaity and war in the world.

My dream is that Republicans and Democrats can put aside political differences to work TOGETHER for the good of our nation...