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to stop all violence all around the world and that everyone in this world will stop doing bad things to people Juliana

I dream of a world filled with peace.

My Dream is that everyone get along and ban together to stop the violence.

My dream is to be the best I can be. To not change who I am for society. To never stop fighting for what I believe in. To help people chase their dream.

I hope that all war and terrorism will be gone from our world.

To bring lasting peace to the world and in turn eliminate the need for war!

Give peace a chance!


I have the dream that all people in the USA will be judged based upon their abilities and not on their genders, religions, political ideologies, and ethnicity. I believe that Dr. King would not want...

My dream is for my young adult children to live free of harrassment, profiling and racism in our world.

My dream is that there will be justice for Domestic Violence victims and survivors. I am a survivor and I have been fighting since 2005 to have my children back with me.

That we will full fill the dream of non-violence

These images further inspire those who fight against tyranny and that the lessons learned in this struggle will not be repeated.

I have a dream that our nation will refuse to be bounded by the "isness" of "the way things are," and will instead cultivate the hope and the vision necessary to pursue the "...

I hope that there is an end to all war and terrorism.

Totalitarian communist shall be terminated in the world.

i have dream that one day people will not kill people to show people that killing people is wrong. i have a dream that one day everyone will be equal and no one will have to live in the life of...

That we all learn form the history of great men likeMLK and really listen to what they were saying about equality, freedom, non-violence and peace.

I want no more violence in America for situations, to be dealt with.

To someday see that this country rids itself of racial bigotry that still exsist. To rid ourselves of violence and hatred that plagues our streets. David