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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

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To make Dr. King's dream to come alive once again the nation has to currently be reborn out of the current spiritual, cultural, moral [illegible] economic degeneration that it si in...

For peace AND prosperity for our community at large where Through Dr. King's Example we can be proud to call home.

I have a dream that I will be a lawyer. I also have another dream there will be peace in the world. Finally I will try to teach kids the right thing to do.

that African Americans are no longer a negative statistic for educational attainment, crime, mortality, low wages despite high education, debt, quality of life, high abortion rates and low marriage ra...

for people to actually follow the words of Dr. King - judge me by the content of my character- not by the color of my skin

My Dream is for Martin luth the King Jr to come Back alive. Navaya

I have a dream that everyone can be friendly to other people and that people can stop killing other people for doing something or doing nothing...

For the continuance of leaders emerging to bring heritage and culture back to a race that is lost without it.

We draw closer to the reality of Martin Luther King's vision for us as a people

That all children will have equal opportunities in their lives.

that African Americans embrace the economic constructs of Dr. MLK Jr. as a process of creating wealth in our communities and beyond.

To keep Martin and others who helped us with the world to be in every single of our hearts next to Jesus Christ.

My dream is alleviate poverty, improve economics, equality for everyone, and my dream is to continue Dr. King's Legacy, and restore all of our Right to Vote.

My dream is for all peoples to live in safety, with love and compassion for one another and to help save our beautiful earth...

My dream is for my people to strive to overcome. All adversity will no longer limit us. Our health, income, and overall well being will finally reach its full capacity. That is my dream. [illegible]

That we will build a global culture of peace, respect, + celebration of diversity, that values human rights and respects human rights. That poverty and social inequality will be eradicated...

we continue to Live ou Dr. King's Dream

To be as inspirational to others as i can be. I hope to keep and share my religious beliefs and ethics with the world and support my family. If I can touch half the lives that Dr...

For everyone to bond together and stop hate towards race, gender and religion and be one. [Taylor]

My dream is that people will see their own innerpower & potential. I know that when people see their ability to do amazing things that they will do amazing things just like Dr. King!