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To never doubt that a noble spirit can be more noble, a humble heart more more humble, and an enlightened mind more open to new thoughts and ideas. It will never be time to rest- the journey never...

My dream is to spread love of God, Jesus Christ to all I encounter. God forever bless Dr. Martin Luther King legacy & life.

MU-Gamman-Phi to have everyone come together Black and white etc: want everyone to be equal and have respect for everyone including yourself: want no one to say they have more power than another i...

My dream for the world is to have everyone have peace no matter who you are, what your skin tone is , and what your religion is because where all people who have the same rights. Kiran

To be strong, smart successful woman who will always fight for the well being of all persons. Thanks to you martin King.

That one day all men will be equal and free of all socioeconomic disparities. -Khalfani

my dream is for eavry one to be happy in what god made us and for peaces

I have a dream of equality, where people are primarily judged on what is on the inside and how they treat others, not by their appearance. I wish there was no prejudice towards any type of race,...

To see the dream come alive in the lives and others.

That Dr. King's dream is realized by all and that one day all people can remember the past but embrace the future together - Brian, New Zealand...

For everyone to bond together and stop hate towards race, gender and religion and be one. [Taylor]

a world with peace & harmony. A world to express our ideas freely

To realize the Beloved community. This day will come when we transcend from glorifying the image of Dr. King to following his teachings and life style. [Devor]

My children's children (Grand) will know that granddad had launched our family's business to levels where we can support organizations such as the King Center stay a vital and necessary...

My dream is that the world will embrace Dr. King's dream and that someday we will all live in peace...

That willful ignorance, hatred and poverty are extinguished from this world.

To be a doctor. Jorynn

My dream is to make Martin comes back. Love you Martin. Love you

To become successful in life and be accepted for my character rather than my race anywhere I go!

To inspire others and live up to the expectations of Dr. King.