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Dreams: Continue Dr. King's Legacy

486 dreams to explore

Real freedom of speech and choice without negative ramifications from people's hidden racisms.


i have a dream that when im died i want evre body to be there because i love evrybody.

My dream is to sing, travel, and positively impact community through my vocal music like the worlds greatest Gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson, who also travelled and sang for Martin Luther King, Jr...

My name is Mouhama, I'm from Senegal I never think that I will attend a Martin Luther King Day in my life. I pray Allah Almighty to continue to spread his legacy in the world

to carry out the legacy that has been put before me. To be someone my forfathers can be proud of. To just enjoy my life and be successful in freedom I have been given.

that Northern Ireland has it's own Dr. King

My dream is that someday we shall overcome. Just like Martin Luther King Jr said... [Vicky]

to be Able to see everything come to pass that Dr. King had A vision For. And to see my son Follow his Dream and visions

for all little Black children to realize Dr. King's Dream...

That we would learn to love each other as God loves us all, unconditionally; and seek to rid our hearts of the fears that keep us from being a true Global sisterhood and brotherhood [Bernice A. King]

to help continue the legacy of Dr. King through performance and educating people on his life, philosophy and teachings. [Sephon]

As a girl who was bullied, my dream is to establish a nonprofit organization that handles dispute resolution among "at risk" girls...

My dream is for the world to continue trying to be a better place for everyone in it the way MLK left it.

That we will full fill the dream of non-violence

We draw closer to the reality of Martin Luther King's vision for us as a people

My dream is put a "Big Truck" (semi tractor/trailer combo) on the road called, The People's Truck. The truck would be equipped with a stage, sound system, and video system...

For everyone to Know who Dr. King is.

That all of my grand children grow up to understand and live out the dreams, that Martin L. King had. I had the pleasure of marching with him in 1993 march of leash!

I have a dream. To become an excellent Victim Advocate for the men, women and children who have been victims of crime. I have a dream...