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that people are kind and loving to each other. Ellie

Is to leave a positive impact on the world. Where my success not only benefits me but others as well.

My dream is to see people really love their children and stick with them no through thick and thin. To teach by example and to bring continuity into our homes. To provide our children with a peace...

to create, build, and own a global event story telling company and conglomerate that allows me to create compelling event stories and inspire others.

I dream that one day my students will feel empowered to stand up against all shapes of bullying...and then bullies will have no reason to exist.

- I Have a Dream That One Day I Become a Successful Young Man Whether It's in The Business Field or Becoming a Profeesional Athlete . I Also Hope to Make My Family Proud in What I Do to Be The...

My dream would be to have some money to help people put their lives back together, due to unfortunate circumstances. Helping somebody start a fresh and then making them help someone else and let the...

My dream is to be a singer to help my family and people with my money!!

To help continue to help and serve others. When I die, I want to be remembered for reaching out and helping those in need.

I have a dream that African Americans and people of color would realize the sacrifices of others before us and carry on the mission that was started. We must break down the walls of hatred and...

That we all have dream and aspire to achieve them and are supported in a achieving our dreams.

My dream for our world is that everyone would have a place to live, and food to eat. Anthony

For everyone everywhere to be nice to each other

To love God. To love Others as I make a difference in the World.

A Greener & Better World

My dream is for more Christians to reach out to the more of the world and share the love of Jesus Christ in order for them to be saved.

to continue to nourish my service conscience children. Keep hope alive!

To become a famous chief. To help my family and work to make all my goals come true. Also, become a great person.

To see change in the community through unity from church, government, [illegible] vision to come to pass young people being free from the mindset it won't happen or can't happen but a mind...

My dream is for everyone to be happy for everything they have in life. And then people use the talents they have to help the less fortunate around them instead of being selfish.