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Dreams: Help Others

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My dream is to become a millionaire, and help children all around the world.

to become a global philanthropist through Pediatric Neurosurgery :)SB

Poverty stricken countries rise beyond america's basic living. And jobs pay adults higher wages.

To Be a respected doctor in orthopedic medicine. I also inspire to be part of doctor's w/o boarders and impact healthcare in the world.

I have a dream that one day i will be a lawyer and I will be in a courtroom helping and also supporting other people so they will not go to jail or prsion I had a dream that i will one day be famous a...

to help children in africa, and start a charity. Martin Luther King Jr. inspires me because he changed the way certain people live.

for there to be no hatred, lies or evil in the world. For everyone to have all their needs met. For no one to go hungry. My personal dream is to be happy. 13th January '12

to show each person that crosses my path that we have much to be thankful for...

That people will love each other and the earth as much as they love themselves.

My dream is for all people immigrants and all too be equal and to be able to get the same jobs, education, and salaries as other americans.

That one day humanity will trump profit.

My dream is I was a paster. I help people. and live my life and be happy like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To serve others! -Bailey

That the world wil one day find a way to coexist peacefully & everyone will have access to the necessites of life

for everyone to understand what Dr. King wanted for everyone.

to be the voice for those who are too afraid to stand up for their alienable rights and to make a difference in their lives. Maria

to inspire, educate, empower and promote intellectual & personal development among black youth

My dream is to become a public servant for the under served communities throughout the world! Reginald "Senator 2013"

I have a dream that I can get homeless people off the streets and stop them from begging people for money.

My dream is to one day not feel racial divide in situations of an everyday nature; people not saying this is the bad side of town because it is predominantly black or this must be HUD housing because ...