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Dreams: Help Others

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My dream is to FIND ALL the MISSING CHILDREN in our Nation. To punish those that cause harm to the innocent being Human or Animal...

to become a lawyer & help those who need it. Rich & poor... black & white :) 2012

To be able to reach all goals so that I can help others reach theirs.

to inspire millions of people all over the world love samantha

My Dream is to own a restaurant to provide delicious meals to people suffering with diabetes and high blood pressure...

My dream is to make good grades and be the best doctor

to be not only successful but most importantly significant, while making an impact on young African American girls in my community.

To save my fellow marines, and sailors form death and illness Hoorah!!!!!

my drean is to grow up and help people in need and insipre with my photograpghy.

to be a success and uplift and inspire others in the process

for there to be no hatred, lies or evil in the world. For everyone to have all their needs met. For no one to go hungry. My personal dream is to be happy. 13th January '12

To walk anywhere in the world and everyone smiles and says Hi. --Clarence

To be A sucessful Entertainer, So I can help People. & try to help, with all the Homelessness, I Just want to help

All animals would be respected and have a warm, safe place to live.

to create, build, and own a global event story telling company and conglomerate that allows me to create compelling event stories and inspire others.

Use the gifts that God has given me to help others reach their fullest potential - [HL]

My dream for our community is that we have a clean and healthy environment for every one because everybody deserves and clean and healthy environment. Nadine

My dream is to create an art center for small children. I believe that through art we can encourge children to be creative, express themselves and validate their feelings...

To be happy to be surrounded by other happy, content people. even if I have to help them become that way.

To protect my family and be there for them. Every one is my family so I want to protect everyone...