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Dreams: Love

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that minds and hearts will remain open to everything involving love and equality, Peace & Love -Christine

To live the purpose that God created me for and to be a good Mom to my daughters.

that unconditional love for one another will flow from heart to heart and breast to breast.

To fullfill God's purpose to use my life to serve others through love, music, and communication with the hopes of impacting lives and making the world a better place. Keisha

Make stuff to sell and give that money to the school in Kenicut

To be the best deacon in my church, to be a god husband to my wife, a great father to my children, and to walk in God's Devine Favor as His servant. Deacon Thomas

For everyone to know what the true definition of love is and to exude that love to all.



I dream to one day walk down the street holding the hand of my partner and not worry about what people think or watch them stare.

To see my children enter a world far better than mine.

My dream is to win gold in the Olympics in Women's Gymnastics

Peace for everyone I love. Get into 2 college in America. Stay in touch with my friends who are not with me at the moment. Get married to someone I love and stay in love with him for my whole life...

To love eachother as god want us to. Maurice, Washington DC

to become a more loveing and successful person. To work harder towards my goals dorrell

Peace Love, Compassion hope, Dreams, Happiness, Kindness, Understanding Togetherness, Patience. Halena

i want people to stop killing animals. let us be free. freedom we need to be nice to each other. we all are friends. friendship be happy. no more action movies. family need to be safe...

Tyler My dream is to love, not fight

My dream for our country is I want war to stop in 2013, I want peace throughout the whole land. No matter how big the problem is there is no need for any war...

My dream is that all girls and women of color will accept and embrace their natural beauty according to their own standards. Then encourage and inspire others to do the same.