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Dreams: Love

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I have a dream that one day our black community will stop harming each other and truly love, help, and cherish one another...

My dream is to work towards a peaceful world through understanding, forgiveness, and compassion.

I dream of a world where "news" actually includes good news; where everyone cares for the most vulnerable among us; & where LOVE WINS. *PEACE WILL PREVAIL*

My children will live in a truly global world - fully of peace and collaboration.

My Dream is that everyone get along and ban together to stop the violence.

I dream for each of us to find a way to love and respect one and another, no matter the differences and experience that define us.

Robin for all people to be as one in sync with The Great Creator God Bless America and The World--Peace & Love

I have a dream that the world will end violence :)

To realize that happiness is journey and not a destination. To work like I don't need the money. To love like I have never been hurt. And to dance like no on is watching...

to become a more loveing and successful person. To work harder towards my goals dorrell


My dream is to see a world without any kind of war, complete peace & freedom !!!

My dream for our country is that we continue to be a free country and that everyone is treated with equal rights because in some countries they live with a ruler who tell them what to do, what religio...

I have a dream that everyone can be friendly to other people and that people can stop killing other people for doing something or doing nothing...

That there will be no more WAR No more racism much more love

My Dream is for world peace

I have a dream, it’s about the past, Where anger and hurt, no longer last I have a dream, where there is no hate, For that is the day, I can no longer wait...

to love ever body in the oil world.

My dream for are world is that no one had to be scared; we could live in a place where you would not haft to lock your doors at night.

For Love & Kindness To become priority for All, In This LifeTime. Dereke