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For homosexuals to be treated equally with the same civil rights the rest of us enjoy and take for granted. They are not second class citizens.

To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole. I am a medical Lab Technician, when I become a haematologist, I will open a Centre to manage anemia and blood related problems.

that one day I may be able to help make a difference in this country in this struggle towards true equality.

My dream is that my children, born in a foreign country, adopted as infants, and now citizens of the United States of America will one day be eligible to become President of this country.

My dream for the world is to end poverty, so all people will be able to have all the conferts of living that I do. - Jake

My dream is for everyone to get along with no judgement against your race, religion or opinion

I Have A Dream… that one day, I will have rights to marry, that I, alone can be treated as an equal. NOT as an outcast. One day, that I will not be judged for who I love, but who I AM! This is my...

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

I look forward to a time when not just blacks, but people of all races, creed an sexual orientation are looked at as equals and not "problems" of society. What makes the US so strong is our...

For our children not to experience the prejudices of our own country. This can only happen by way of education. Cultural education should be a requirement from elementary - higher education.

For modern day slavery to stop. For prejustice to stop, for felony's to get the same jobs as others once they did there time. For better living for people in poverty. Better education for black...

that one day I may treat complete strangers as I would treat my family or friends.

My dream is to complete Graduate School. Establish a new succesful career in life and care fun fer local offer to serve my community qef modifed and dove a framework, live prosperous, healthy and...

To become a successful entrepreur- so I can help someone else dream come true

For every feee man and woman to have access to free college education and medical care [M. Price]

I am not straight (lesbian). I dream that we had gay equality through the country of the United States. Or the world what ever comes up first. I also hope that many things will change like racial...

To complete my PhD in Social Inequality at Howard University, while continuing to fight to end injustice everywhere.

for this country to have its citizens embrace the spirit of the cows and treat everyone with respect, fairly & equally!

That peace and equalness will spread throughout the world [Jamaal]

I have a dream that one day people will not be afraid of the difference they see in others who are not like them, but will embrace it as an adventure and an exciting opportunity to learn something...