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Dreams: Equality

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to be truely happy, and to be able to see a world where we as a unit practice what we preach and we teach our children to love wholey with judgements and that the only RACE is human!

My dream is the dream that Dr...

To live in a world without racism.

Social equality for all in today's media!

That one day all people of all Race would truly come together. Racism is still alive! That young people would listen and learn from the old pioneers.

That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity...


my dream is that there will be more kindness and we will be able to speak to people calmly and not be aggressive and people will not worry about being like someone else but become their own person and...

Justice, Freedom, Equality & Liberty for all mankind

For modern day slavery to stop. For prejustice to stop, for felony's to get the same jobs as others once they did there time. For better living for people in poverty...

That one day soon we will be seen as a global family-connected in seeing equality realized one person; one family; one city; one nation at a time!

My dream is to live in a country where the word discrimination is not longer needed by our tongues.

World-wide equality for all, once and for all!

To live in a world where everyone receives true equality and discrimination ceases to exist.

My dream is for everyone to get along [Kristian]

At a dinner before "We Day Seattle," Tuesday evening, I had the honor of meeting MLK Jr III. I told him about this powerful video, inspired by MLK's "I have a dream" speech...

I lived in Virginia during the first march, and, sadly must admit I wasn't attuned to the events of that era...

I Have A Dream That The World Will Come Together & End In World Peace.

A world of peace and love, exhibiting to every living being the love and example of Jesus Christ...

My dream is equity for everyone. No more "have and have nots"!