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645 dreams to explore

That all people will learn to love,"RESPECT" and honor their brothers and sisters everywhere and everyday [Karla]...

To live peacefully with love and all people

A dream of freedom from oppression. "Oppression can only survive in silence"...

My dream is to live in a world where every human being thinks beyond himself for the greater every expression of speech and action - that will propel the eradication of many social evils...

To become a successful entrepreur- so I can help someone else dream come true

I have a dream that I will live to see Full Equality of All Races. Where we can truly can see and tangibly touch MLK's Dream of our children will experience True Freedom! We Can Do It! [Crystal]...

That all people are view from within as oppose to without. [Kelton]

To leave an inheritance for my Children's children. To see more of the world, experience different cultures, and share in the commonality of mankind...

My dream for the world is that everybody is free.

World Peace, equality, and justice for the human race

For love to conquer ALL.

That everyone will be treated equally

To live in a world where everyone receives true equality and discrimination ceases to exist.

to see the world where people are not judged by the color of their skin for their socio-economics or age or other factors. But the content of their character.

That we can one day live in a world that is free of all bias, micro inequities, and stereotypes so that we can live in a truly free and equal world.

for all individuals to be accepted as they choose to live and have he opportunity to fulfill their dreams, free of barriers

Love and respect others

My dream for the country is that every child in America goes to a good school.

That one day humanity will trump profit.

To have everyone love each other the way God made them.