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Dreams: Equality

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that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. All men and women are created equal

One day people all over the world will come to understand we all are God's children…we are one people.

I dream of a day when all people are free and equal. I dream of a day when all war and violence have ended. A day when peace and love are normal.

to strive towards creating an environment that does not foster or feed notions of 'other'

to stand up for what I believe in, and to make sure that I leave the world in a better condition than it was in when I found it!...

My dream would be to continue on making successful efforts in shaping our culture with unity as opposed to malicious division and unneccessary selfish acts of crime, which impose on, not only this cou...

For equality. I know they say that we all are equal, but there are still some things seen and unseen that need to be addressed for people's equality.

To see all children excel to their fullest potential regardless of economic background and circumstance.

Is to one day own my own marketing company and to have locations throughout the USA!

My dreams is for everyone to have equal access to healthcare, education and equality...

My dream is that equality will be realized for all persons regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation....that differences will be seen as contributions to the betterment of all...

My dream is to see a day where all persons are free to live the life they see fit...

That my children and grandchildren will realize that freedome is not free a prize was paid for our freedom.

One day that everyone can be treated equal. Also have a peaceful mind and place [Monique]

That one day we can become one as a nation and that skin color is no longer a problem.

To be a doctor. Jorynn

All people of the world will culturally respect and honor the richness of the differences God placed in each of us.

My dream is to establish a scholarship fund to help young people who want to teach.

To never stop dreaming…for without dreams you will perish. Dream- all the time. Dream Big.

I hope some day all Americans have an equal opportunity to participate in our democracy together and achieve their dreams.