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Dreams: Equality

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to work as an advocate for educational equity and to do all that I can to ensure that our nations public schools are presenting every child with the opportunity to succeed.

For the U.S. to continue to be the land of opportunities and clear of social inequalities.

to one day be treated equal. I would also like to become a doctor. Lauryn

That we all come together and love each other. All nations under one GOD!

My Dream is that one day the most vulnerable of our citizens, the citizen in the womb, will be afforded their first inalienable right and that is life.

World-wide equality for all, once and for all!

That there will be a day when all people are judged equally and given the same opportunities to experience success.

For modern day slavery to stop. For prejustice to stop, for felony's to get the same jobs as others once they did there time. For better living for people in poverty...

My dream for the world is that everybody is free.

To always be able to dream big and hope everyone around the world has the same opportunity.

I have a dream of respect, social justice, and equality for all people from all nations...

i have a dream that the gays should be treated equally. they shouldnt be judged on how they are. i have a dream that people should be leaders and not followers...

still the same as King's: that everyone would treat people genuinely as equal, that everyone would not judge but show love.

I want all african American to someday unite for the betterment and continued existence of our race. Personally I'd like for University Park to become a major city in Illinois.

All people will strive to treat each other with dignity and respect. We will embrace the throne of love and equality in all aspects Queen.

is that everyone feels loved and that everyone is treated equal

My dream is that everyone will be able to be married.

To see real equality at work for all, and for wars to be replaced with dialogue, dance and love.

Shrisma- I am inventor/designer of the worlds 1st CIVIC RIGHTS FLAG entitled: "From Rosa to Obama." My dream is to have these historical flags sold in stores all over the world.

A world or America where first impression are not defined by the color of your skin.