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Dreams: Equality

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My dream is for the world to have peace at last. For everyone to be treated equally and have equal opportunities...

I wish that Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr were both still alive to continue their entwined legacy, making the world the best it could be...

I have a dream that girls in rural Amhara in particular and throughout Ethiopia will be able to go to school, will become bilingual in Amharic and English languages, will become literate in Amharic an...

A world or America where first impression are not defined by the color of your skin.

That one day the realizations of Dr. Martin Luther King's dream to be achieved. The peoples movement to rid the world of ignorance, poverty and predjudice!!!

To care audout white people and black people to get

I have a dream that one day this world will find peace in all aspects of life, family, government and most of all amongst each other!

A world full of peace, & all cultures/races can be appreciated & respected for the true beauty they represent.

that one day I may be able to help make a difference in this country in this struggle towards true equality.

Peace and Goodwill toward men [Stephanie]

A world of peace and love, exhibiting to every living being the love and example of Jesus Christ...

My dream is to live in a world of equality. In which everyone has the means to achieve their own dreams.

90% of all American to Vote 95% of all AA to vote

I want to see all people treated equally. All people of all colors, all religions, all sexual preferences, all backgrounds, ALL PEOPLE. When this happens, then Peace can happen.

for all beings to live and fulfill all of their dreams within their lifetime and not have barriers building them from their achievement.

A dream for justice and equality makes the world a better place!

Our dream is that all children be free to do all they dream they can do. We also dream that no child ever goes hungry

I have a dream that all, humans, animals and every being on earth are treated equally and with respect!

for us to as a people to except the reality that we have not yet overcome, and to continue to fight on until our real change comes.

to have & live in a society where equality is the norm-not a far-fetched idea; to see a day when even hidden or subtle racism is no more& peace with all men is part of everyday life.