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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To take it to the next level!

That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity...

To be successful in anything and everything I choose to do.

I want to learn English because it is important, to travel and to meet new places.

my dream is to be very successful in my career of going to college for nursing, cosmetology, and teaching.

is to become a cosmetologist finish college, and graduate. I want to own my own shope calls Unique Beauty

My dream is to become the first African American basebal player to hit 60 homeruns neither will I gain respect I also want to be known for something. I want to break world record...

To be successful in my career while remaining focused on my family. Finding time to do both to the best of my ability.

To spread faith, hope, love, understanding friendship, respect, obedience to God's words, especially among colored people all over the world.

My dream is to become more educated and make more informed opinions and decisions.

To make the world a better place [Joseph]

For the Maynard Jackson Jaguar Ladies to win at least 4 more games [Tasha]

For more patience, strength, and understanding. For people to find the courage to dream the IMPOSSIBLE.

My dream is to meet Mindless Behavior and Jaden Smith and Justin Beiber

To enrich young peoples' lives through education, so they know their rights foremost, and how to effectively express and support their freedom speech. Education is key!

To earn my MD or PHD and to become a surgeon who works in poverty stricken countries working with governments and locals to set up effective health care systems.

My dream is to be a artist. Also, I want to turn the comic book I'm working on into a movie, cartoon, and video game. In conclusion I want the comic to be made into a toy...

Peace on earth equality to all no more Hunger for anyone. Life, Love and Happiness

I have a dream to own my own clothing Business that will include all kinds of fashions. Ramias For Barack Obama to have a 2nd term as President of USA Thank You!