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To be successful and happy in life and to surround myself with motivation and supporting family and friends.

To be a grown up someday

Marlene 30309 To graduate from MBBI with a degree in Theology/Paseorath Counseling and own and operate a business to help others in need of spiritual/ physical healing.

To go law school and become an attorney, have a beautiful family (with lots of brains) but my biggest dream is to make my parents PROUD!

For my sons to grow up to be confident and happy individuals. And to always remember to take care of others and to be good people.

That people can find and live out their righteous purposes.

Raise a Family

People follow their heart and not their minds I that by doing so we create a better, more genuine world.

Don't I wish everyone was goodbye Derontay...

To be a strong, smart successful woman who will always fight for the well being of her lovers. Thanks to you Martin King! 01/13/12

to become the very best, like no one ever was.

To become a professional a wife, mother. President of my own company! PEACE for ALL!

To affect the lives of orphans in developing nations.

My dream is to have super power. My dream is to fly [Saion]

My dream is to help animals

to be successful in life, and become more than what is expected of me.

to invent something that will improve someone's life or history, help them...

To make the world a better place. And to have no more violence [Anson]

To one day soon be my own boss, dictate my own life thru entrepreneurship. Continue to help my people shine and grow thru positive motivation, ownership and wealth. [Shanqua]

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another