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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To one day live in a land of peace where no one suffers all of the homeless are sheltered all of the hungry feed and all of the poor to be Rich in spirit & mind.

To be a better mother, wife, friend and basketball coach to all. May the talents I have been blessed with be shared and utilize for the greater good [Mary]

I dream to be an actress…free

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

To change the world for the better. To promote peace. To change the lives of those less fortunate.

I want to one day, own my own farm, and my own gym.

to be working in an IT company in the year of 2012, and my future dream is to be happy married in the coming years. South Africa to prosper.

My Dream: To achieve a Nobel Prize, and hopefully be the youngest Nobel Prize winner.

To be the daughter that, my father in heaven, predestined me to be. Also one woman that, my mother. God rest her soul, never got the chance to see me be

To make the world a better place. Robert

To be rich [Caudice]

To hear God say "Well Done". I desire to live a life that reflects the character of God and be a catalyst for peace...

to fulfill my definitive purpose in the earth and beyond. Rodney

To whom much is given much as expected. We ALL need the world together to ensure we all have an opportunity to suceed and prosper.

to share my person for equality with future generations - One day be proud to know I was a part of helping to eliminate racism and injustice

To discover alien on another planet.

My dream is to be a great dancer and singer and be married to somebody who I love.

To run my own career!

Some people stop judging me based one my race. They will see a different person when they know me

My dream is to become a singer