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To serve others! -Bailey

To see and know everything this world has to offer. [Ke'Andre]...

My dreams are to be able to provide a better future for my daughter, prosperity, world peace and non-corrupt government.

To take it to the next level!

I have a dream to make my city, my family, and myself proud. I have a dream that one day I will finally be able to say, "I made it!"...

To run my own career!

My dream is... to be someone who people look up to

To become a fashion columnist and defy all odds That I wont! Tyra

That my children will live a full life and prosperity. and know that their parents will and always have their best interest at heart. We live so they shall live. Tim A.

To live in a country where everyone no matter what his/her job, can live in a safe, nurturing neighborhood- in which everyone is honored for his/her own uniqueness.

To become successful in life and be accepted for my character rather than my race anywhere I go!

I have a dream that in a few years I'll become a famous singer, so I may express my talent of singing and I will be able to share it with the world...

to really and truly make a lasting impact in the world. I want to leave a mark also make sure that everyone is well taken care of and knows that they too are important!

is to one day acheive my dream & inspire those while doing it. Angelica

One day all Americans will live the American Dream!

That my children will never have to be subjected to the horrors of racism and inequality.

My dream is for young people to honor and respect the legacy in which they have been raised and to fulfill the potential deep within them. Our youth is our future. I want for my own children as well...

To be a dream-maker.

That color stop playing such a unnecessary role in our everyday lives. That unity need explanation to our young children in schools instead showing a everyday example of unity. That That statement...

Pride business to be successful and to save my lives for the glory of God