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Dreams: Personal Goals

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I dream to one day walk down the street holding the hand of my partner and not worry about what people think or watch them stare.

My Dream is to be rich and famous and to come succeful

My dreams is to be a football player and be the best one I can. The words people told me to NGU that stands for never give up. -Sincerely, Markus 1/15/12

To help people [Christian]

I dream to keep black people equal with whites. To be a peace maker solve the problem of the world

to be a strong man

I have a dream to get a iphone 4g

to be the best role model for my children in terms of achieving wisdom, a love of people, living everyday with purpose.

My dream is to get a job [Deandre]

that there will be better treatment for the disadvantage in Bipolar treatment.

To inspire people to think greater than themselves. I want to see the world, to open my eyes to the perspective of cultures different from my own. I seek happiness in life...

to become the best possible role model to our youth. Our children are indeed in deep trouble and needs alot of guidance.

to become a great positive leader that will never be forgotton Jordan

Born in Atlanta, GA, My dream is to be a change agent for young people and women...

G's Dream is to be a Millianair and have a placce. G:)

that my legacy/ work will me day change the life of a child or family that I will work with. It's my dream to help change them for the better.

My Dream is get good grade

Is to be able to be independent and help as many others achieve that as possible. I dont want people to be held back by anything.

My is to a wonderful falmy and have worker and my name is Ivony Gallop

My dream is for me and my children to be successful, to have God in our life, and to be married, staying in a nice Home.