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My dream is we will always stay free.

I will like to, get strait A's and B's...

that i will have a rech house. and a lot of money.

Is to insire and Touch as many people as I can. through the eyes of "God" Peace, Love and Equailty Is my Dream "Linda"...

to show each person that crosses my path that we have much to be thankful for. To remind people around me to keep looking up and moving forward with a smile, to conquer mountains and attain small...

to be the very best like no one ever was.

My dream is to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish.

My dream is that one day the president would stop spending so much money on sports and your government would work about Economical issues. Darius

I dream of saving the world - one family at a time - by saving marriage between a man and a woman who love each other and their families with the love of Jesus Christ.

I wish that MLK was still alive [Kateland]

To change the world from the way it is now to world where all people celebrates their differences. A world where you can feel safe, a world where you can feel safe, a world where people can stand up...

That God will allow us to continue to serve God's people and that we will over come the unjust and have justice for all [Darlene]...

To have a happy and successful life while helping others do what I love.

To develop strong and meaningful relationships with others. To make a true impact in the community and help those in need of assistance. To love those in my life.

Born in Atlanta, GA, My dream is to be a change agent for young people and women. I want to work in the White House and in Congress to help shape policy that affect and impact the education of young...

To give back to the world more than what I get From it [love, hugs, and kisses]

I hope to be successful in life!! As a person!!! [Alexis]

Winston will be important leader. Winston

My dream is to become a lawyer and to change the world -Amiran

to really and truly make a lasting impact in the world. I want to leave a mark also make sure that everyone is well taken care of and knows that they too are important!