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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To spread the freedom and ideals of America, the best country in the world, to as many people as possible.

That the legacy of Dr. King continues to be manifested in the lives of everybody. Dr. King through perserver once helped to shape the lives of so many...

My dream to make the world a better place for everyone. [Megan]

To Start my own Company so i can Hire Minorty's Dennis

to be an agent of change for my community, my country and my world.

to be succeed in life & to get promoted to higher levels. to make a better life for me & my family.

To have my job as a veterinarin to help sick animals so they will be better. [Sonaya]

to be all that God has called me to be a fashion designer, have my own beauty shoped and line. To be a wealthy Business owner. Atiyah

to be the best role model for my children in terms of achieving wisdom, a love of people, living everyday with purpose.

To make a change all over the world. By Michaela

To inspire people to think greater than themselves. I want to see the world, to open my eyes to the perspective of cultures different from my own. I seek happiness in life...

My dream is to become President of the United States of America, ensure American ascendancy, ensure respect for the U.S, and bring the thoughts and ideals of Prussian Militarism (1806-1945) to the Uni...

To continue to be a blessing to others. In addition, for my children to be successful in their careers.

To be A Star and play an movies and make songs Skylan

I aspire to refine my storytelling skills to write stories, shoot photos and record video that explains the history of my family so I will know about the stock from which I came and pass on those stor...

Is to end black on black violence

my dream is to be first black lady prime minister Faith


that there will be better treatment for the disadvantage in Bipolar treatment.

To be an actress, singer and straight "A" student. I also want to be a cheerleader. Ky'm