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Dreams: Personal Goals

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My dream is to be a successful health care professional.

Our President to stay in office and the God would bless him and his family. That he succeed in all that he strive to accomplish.


To find my purpose and life and create a better future for the next generation of my family

To write something that changes someone's life for the better

I have a dream to become another black succesful women in the cosmetology field.

To work for your Dream and being able to feel I've done my job. Thanks for showing me how to Dream! Thanks for what you did.

Being successful in this life. One day being happy and obtain my own house.

To enrich young peoples' lives through education, so they know their rights foremost, and how to effectively express and support their freedom speech. Education is key!

To accomplish goals which other try to hinder me from obtaining to live in a world where "black" are no longer stereotype and every dream is reachable.

I have three dreams, 1.My personal dream: I want to pursue my dream and be an actress. 2. Friendship: I want to keep my friend close even if she moves away. 3...

To have a hundred million dollars in the next 10 years, and for all of my children to be mentaly and physicaly sucessful. Kim

HOPE FOR EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD TO SEE AN END TO ALL THE PRETENTIOUSNESS AND EVERYONE TO HAVE HOPE. HAVING HOPE IS WHAT MAKES DREAMS BECOME REALITIES influence the world through the art and music. Creation and inspiration in the form of scores and dream is to spread positivity and well being to those around the world.

I will like to, get strait A's and B's

is to become a teacher a police officer president and judge

My Dream is to be a Cartooest.

to operate my own health non-profit that strives to provide exemplary preventive and treatment services to populations in inner-city communities and impoverished third world areas...

To be Successful AnD Live that Dream Long AND Joyfully. I Also wish for others to be successful AND to Live on Earth Fillers with Love, beauty and Joy on A successful world! T.C.

To do good in school [Taylor]