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To make someone smily everyday of my life. Marcus For Barack Obama to have a 2nd term as President of USA Thank You!

to be the best i will in school and sports

to accomplish the things I want to acomplish in my life and let nothing get in my way of my goals.

To make a change in others life, become someone people can depend on, Finish school and get in a good job.

Is to not judge people by their outside appearance. It's true you really can not judge a book by it's cover. My 2nd dream is to patented my 3 ideas and get them on the market...

To be successful in my music and acting career. I would love to portray Mrs. King in a movie and tell the won H how she carried Dr. King's man the [illegible]...

My dream is to find a cure for cancer -Ariel

To have Fun and start reading Reece-2012

To be president of the U.S.A. Fashion designer and stop pallution and recycles everything that is our trash.

I want to play football win I grow up.

To Be successful & to continue the Legacy of Dr. King

To go law school and become an attorney, have a beautiful family (with lots of brains) but my biggest dream is to make my parents PROUD!

to live in a society free of drugs and violence.

to Achieve goals and act more for MLK to rest in peace I loved him for his dream now I have one

Born in Atlanta, GA, My dream is to be a change agent for young people and women. I want to work in the White House and in Congress to help shape policy that affect and impact the education of young...

To travel the world and to learn and understand as many different cultures as I can. Understanding is the key.

To be a better person be kind to people and have a peaceful life. Dmeira

to travel and to own lots of books.

That one day, all people will have the ability to practice the basic civil rights that are their due as human beings.