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to become a more loveing and successful person. To work harder towards my goals dorrell

To be able to look back on the decisions I've made in my life and unequivocably be able to say that I made a positive contributions In education reform, the criminal justice system and in the...

to achieve more than I dreamed and to appreciate my progress

to be the best i can be and to reach my full potential in my life time. I have many dreams and goals that I wish to see occur, mostly scientific, before my death. I feel that many people believe it...

To drive at . I win the lotrey go to home go to alot of partys have alot of friends have good friends. Be a good student. Be a sister to erey girl scout

to find a solution to uplift the youths, especially young black men. So they can be productive and be seen as positive figure especially in the lives of young children.

Live life to the full!

to be the best person that I can be and make some sort of positive impact in society, big or small.

To Be Bigger Than My Dreams.....

To grow up and be a famous cariagrapher [Ra'Shawn]...

I wish that MLK was still alive [Kateland]

to have a world of people who are committed to love themselves and each other unconditionally and universally. I know my dream begins with me Sherrey

My daughter;s successful music career and place and love in the world

My dream is to perpetuate MLK Jr. is dream which is a dream that originates in the love of God and that is for people to the Love of God and his son Jesus for youth to be their very best in life.

My dream is that one day the president would stop spending so much money on sports and your government would work about Economical issues. Darius

My dream is that my family and I will realize our full potential in God. Experience the liberties and freedom that is afforded us by God and our forefathers who paid the ultimate price to ensure them...

Personally- To be someone my son can be proud of and model his life after. Career- To be a forensic technician and help bring justice to victims via DNA. Globally- For people to treat others with...

My Dream is to get a Dimpola in college and get a jod

To be a hotel C.E.O. and keep the faith in myself and to success not only financially and spiritually, too

One day my daughters heritage will not be contained to checking boxes, but only the ability to all just be American.