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Foeva Free! 100 Nephew

To have my own ministry counseling business criminal/justice family Ejuenile with minor social work and to be global around the nation with the words I made it

to open a community center for under privileged youth in my community. The center would prompt health, education, and professional growth for our youth.

My dream is to be the best football player over.

To be a writer and motivational speaker to encourage & motivate others to live out their purpose. Rene

To become a singer and touch and maybe change, the world through song -Allyson

My dream is... to be someone who people look up to

To be a talk show host. Jordi

I have a dream to be a positive influence in children's lives, and to bring awareness to the issues that African descendants around the world face!...

To give it all I've got today Love, Peace, and Laughter...

For African Americans to start working together more, unifying and taking control of our lives. Taking control of our own Economics. Becoming more independent and self sufficient

I dream of saving the world - one family at a time - by saving marriage between a man and a woman who love each other and their families with the love of Jesus Christ.

To enter heaven with my family and friends

To open my own girls group home! So that I can teach them how to go from girls to beautiful Young ladies! Shili

For the Mets to win the World Series a third time.

To have a happy and successful life while helping others do what I love.

My dream is to go back to go back to 2004. There is my dream that is stayed.

My dreams is to keep a positive image and to help people keep a positive image My is to help people no matter what color. And to encourage others.To be a singer/Rapper- And I wont to go to fsu-...

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

To ensure that future generations remember the struggles that came before us and build upon the dreams created for us and the dreams we created for future generations before us.