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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To change lives and give every child a future to look forward too

To be an actress, singer and straight "A" student. I also want to be a cheerleader. Ky'm

Some people stop judging me based one my race. They will see a different person when they know me

My dream is to be influential in the black community. I want to be able to change the inferior mindset of our community so we can truely fulfill our destiries as a great people bound for greatness.

To always stand for what's right!

To be successful in my career while remaining focused on my family. Finding time to do both to the best of my ability.

That I will be a really good student. All the time. Also to get a degree.

My dream is to be a great teacher and to be a great leader that will never be forgotten.

Food, housing, safety, joy for all people in the world.

My Dream is to create peace and love

To make the world a better place. And to have no more violence [Anson]

My dreams are to be a Professional Basketball Player. And to make a difference in other peoples lives. Damonae

My dream is to find a cure for cancer -Ariel

I want to be a teacher and cope and a juge. From Arie

To achieve what God brought me to this earth to achieve. healthy baby and family blessings.

Norman- To accomplish my goals in life so I can succeed in life.

CEO, non-profit organization Millionaire to all that need, Be a philanmist for charity organization.Help people realize their dreams.

To become a better person, finish my education, and to one day be very successful. Also, staying positive!

My dream is to become a politician or to become a very successful magazine editor for a fashion magazine.

To continue to build God's church at "The Power House St...