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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To become a football player

To open my own girls group home! So that I can teach them how to go from girls to beautiful Young ladies! Shili

My dream is to care for others, love others, and help others. My dream is to strive hard now so not hardships will come in the future. My dream is to see the world happy...

My Dream is to be a nurse when i grow up Trinity

To be helpful and strong and help others forever and always be nice -Taylor

My dream is that I will become a chef

All the people speak chinese.

My dream is to make this world better. By Kiya

I have a dream That oneDay the Head will come back into being The Head, And No longer be The Tail and the people of the One True God will Renige Again Gregory Atlanta Chicago

1/15/2012 - My dream is to become a hero just like Dr. Martin Luther King. And to be famous like him. He is in my mind for as long as I live. Love, Markea. I am 11.

To be a great artist and icon and know as one of the greatest female artist that ever did it. To have good health, success, and prosperity. That I will be able to provide a better life for my family...

To become successful in life and be accepted for my character rather than my race anywhere I go!

to get a great education. to work on my music carrer as a singer.and have a better and happeir life. and go to a great collage

To be a singer all across the world.

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

To live in my purpose of helping people who are disabled to live enriching lives


My dream is to go back to go back to 2004. There is my dream that is stayed.

My dream is for me and my children to be successful, to have God in our life, and to be married, staying in a nice Home.

My dream is for my family to stay strong and my children to grow and be the best that they can be.