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My Dream is to be a nurse when i grow up Trinity

My dream is to have super power. My dream is to fly [Saion]

To be a better person and to stop been like other people [Laquesha]

To see African Americans engaged politically on a large scale being fully knowledgable on the process and that through my advocacy this will be accomplished.

To see a better world and have a career in game design

to not be afraid.

My dream is for there to be more acceptance in the world far beyond race. Frederick

to obtain my PhD and teach on an college level

My dream is to know be able to support my child and be a very successful mother in the future. I also want to become a famous basketball player in the WNBA.

I want to be Happy With My Life. Jeeyo, Jeenedho. Regards Venugopal

Be free to be yourself and embrace and explore your God given talents to live your dream.

Become an fashion designer start my own charity (abused young girls) and change the world! -Michelle "I am a believer"...

to become CEO of Howard Hospital or Children's Hospital (DC). My goal is to implement policies and programs that works to eliminate health disparities and ensures that everyone receives equal...

I will like to, get strait A's and B's...

To have an xbox.

I dream of America and the world being a place where everyone is able to achieve their dream without any type of discrimination or hatred. When my grandchildren can achieve 3+ times more and better...

To be a grown up someday

to become the next Johnny Cochran Oprah. To make media & law better institutions. To be an example...


That from this day forward all people gain a greater understanding that we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect…collectively we are 1.