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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To be president, we can all be friends and if you dont like that idea, dont shoot me, fire me for being president

To change the way people hate on other people that are a different color than you

I have a dream to find the cure to cancer!

To help my mom feel better and get us in a new home and put homeless people in a home. -Genesis 1/16/12

To be a basketball player.

to empower citizens of the world through art, Music and truth.

my dream is to be a polic and to be in ahouse.

My dream is that we wake up to our responsibilities to ourselves and one another...

I have a dream to be a dancer...

is to one day acheive my dream & inspire those while doing it. Angelica

That all my brothers transcend all of the belligerent people and obstacles in life to become successful rich men.

For God to bless me with the gift of healing with his power. I want to be able to prey safe one out of bondage. Let's not forget the financial blessings. Sonjia 1/16/2012

My for Martin Luther King Jr. to be alive because I can mat he

To stay in GA for a while

For my sons to grow up to be confident and happy individuals. And to always remember to take care of others and to be good people.

That one day, all people will have the ability to practice the basic civil rights that are their due as human beings.

My Dream is to becvome the best actress in the entire world!! Myiesha S.

My dream is for Africa to have another chance to emerge and BE...

my dream is to make music and write books that are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting.

…My dream, that we as people- rebuild our dreams…reteach our heritage, culture and history within homes and lives