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My dream is to fulfill my destiny on Earth.

My dream is to be a football player and to go to college and to have lots of kids and to be rich and buff 2qbol

to One day to Have my own Salon and be able to work from Home. Not to go in on no work hours of others

Is to make a difference on earth! Andrew

To see the world finally unite in peace, love and harmony. To see all races love one another as God intended. To be an example of what I want the world to become. Travel the world and create positive...

Is to leave a positive impact on the world. Where my success not only benefits me but others as well.

to become the best video game designer in the world. Pil

To see my sons grow up to be men with values and conviction.

To end my journey here on this earth and know that I've made a positive difference in the lives of my friends, co-workers, neighbors, and my family...

~To have a life without regrets ~to have a nice family ~have a prosperous job/career -Selah

That from this day forward all people gain a greater understanding that we need to treat everyone with dignity and respect…collectively we are 1.

To see an end to the absurdity of racism and racial categorization.

My Dream is to get all A

A long health & happy life with my family. Telissa

To be a singer all across the world.

My dream is to make a legacy out of my grandmother and to give a awesome life to my Mother who went through a lot in her life, and to put us where we are today, I love her and my grandmother

My dream is to make my immigrant father proud and let him know that his sacrifices didn't go unnocticed...

To become a famous actress on Hollywood and Broadway. Then I want to have a make-up artist

to become the very best, like no one ever was.

That God would reveal to all me that we are all dependent upon him and He is the giver of all good gifts and we are all created equal.