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My dream is to graduate with honors from the BEST HBCU there is North Carlina Central University and get accepted to Carlina Law School and work for a non profit organization.

To do good in school [Taylor]

That I will be a really good student. All the time. Also to get a degree.

My dream is to be heard as a football player. [Jamar] P.S. I want the Saints to win the Super Bowl 2012.

I have a dream to make my city, my family, and myself proud. I have a dream that one day I will finally be able to say, "I made it!"...

My Dream is to be a Cartooest.


To improve the image of black women through God, my work, and my family.

To live in a world where it's much easier to find a good husband and father like Dr. King...

My dream is to go to collage and have a daughter Lillie

Write a history of African American service men during the Vietnam era.

To have a good grade and finish college.

To continue to be sucessful and impactful even when this project is over

A world where everyone is treated fairly and equal. Color is embraced, not ignored because that is unreasonable to believe. And we all work together for the mutual benefit of one another

My dream is that someday I'll be able to sing for people and that, just for a couple minutes, they'll forget their troubles and just listen to my songs and feel alright...

I wish Martin Luther King was still alive [Tierra]

To invoke transformation within myself and continue to strive towards my full potential via greater awareness. My dream is to have this reflected in all work that I do and to inspire others to see...

To understand the brain's true potential so that the human race can grow and develop...

My dream is to be successful in life and have a family

1. to never die 2. to become a doctor 3. to be father/ husband -Will