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Dreams: Personal Goals

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To bring something positive into the lives of everyone I meet.

to be successful in my life. I would love to own my own business as a african american woman. I would love to also wake up one day and not be judged in 2012 by the color of my skin...

My dream is to elevate my walk with God. Encouraging, building up not tearing down my fellow man. Believing in me and Loving more on me and others...

To affect the lives of orphans in developing nations.

My dream is to be heard as a football player. [Jamar] P.S. I want the Saints to win the Super Bowl 2012.

My dream is that I can help people to follow rules, and help them to do something.

love and peace is the best thing. My dream is to become a police.

to be a great role model to myself & others


To understand and teach the world to be better

My dream is to make a difference in someone's life through the work that I will do in my future career after graduating college. I want to change someone's life for the better.

To accomplish and continue the absolute Dream of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leader. To create peace in the hearts and the soul of every human being no matter what color.

to be successful in life, and become more than what is expected of me.

to obtain my PhD and teach on an college level

To utilize my passion for human service and my love of all things public health to empower individuals across the world towards improving their health situations

To be successful in anything and everything I choose to do.

My dream is to become a Forensic Scientist.

My dream is to be a policeman so that I can protect and serve.

Real freedom of speech and choice without negative ramifications from people's hidden racisms.

that my grandchildren will grow up in a world where they feel save & that they feel proud to be a part of!