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For my kids to be able to enjoy life abundantly without fear or regret. To live their lives spiritually, with hope of bring recognized for their accomplishments and reward appropriately. I, one day...

My daughter;s successful music career and place and love in the world

Real freedom of speech and choice without negative ramifications from people's hidden racisms...

That one day, all people will have the ability to practice the basic civil rights that are their due as human beings.

To go to college and become a successful doctor and give my parents more then they've given me. To make them proud and happy...

To continue to be a blessing to others. In addition, for my children to be successful in their careers.

My dream is to have a daycare one day. To prepare kids for school and life. To make a difference for them. Monique

My dream is to be inspired and achieve greatness in all I do and inspire other to their greatness.

To become the first female president of the United States of America yours truly Cierra Denae Jackson

My dream is to become Network Engineer for an IT company and live the rest of my life in Joy and success. Matt

Spider man

My dream is to help animals

Being a prfeshional dancer and singer. And helping others.

My dream is that we have more women activating restoration ministry And I will be more activating in the ministry in the Church and my Coummity In the name of Jesus, Sister Alice

My dream is that every women, every men, and every child, Actualize their dream into the fruition and joy of a delicious and sweet reality. My personal dream is simple: May I and my family, friends,...

My dream is to be successful in life.

My dream is to meet mac miller because he has put a great impact on my life, and his music keeps me on the path i want to be on and his music and every thing he does makes me love him as not only an...

To be the best mother, wife, and person possible -Channette

I have a dream to share the music that God has enabled me to write and produce with the world--no fame and fortune necessary--just to share my message of the love of God with music as a platform.

that my daughter Alsidandra Villegas graduates from a university