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Dreams: End War

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For healthcare and higher education to be available to everyone whether they can afford it or not.

To raise my son in a world of global interdependence which makes war not an option leaving only neighborly cooperation.

The dream that one day will come true is that there would be world peace and that world be a better place for everyone...

I dream of a day when all people are free. A day when poverty, war and violence come to an end. I dream of a day when peace and love come first.

my dream is to.....END WAR FOR EVER !!!!

My dream in there would be peace on earth and no more poverty [Ben]

I want to make the world a safer place. I want to be the first professional women hockey player in the NHL. I want to win a nobel peace prize. I want the world to be a better place...

my dream is to end wars. So every body can be safe. And veterans don't have to risk there lives.

My dream is that we can stop the unnecessary fighting around the world.

I want to be a famous swimming Olympian.I also want to raise a caring family.I also want to participate in my first Earth Day to create a good earth.

I dream of healthy and peaceful workplaces where we strive to hold each other up.

Everyone would have a friend and love would never end. No more lives torn apart and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts.

My dream for the world is peace and to end racial discrimination. Jackson

My dream is to own a lambergini, and to make a differnce in poeple lives.

For peace in the world and no more wars, murdering or robbery and everyone to get along. S.B.P

My dream is to have all nations to come together as one and help stop conflicts between other countries

My dream is that one day our country will withdraw from war and the troops come back to their families...

my dream is to be in the NBA.

That we will no longer need religion or the promise of an afterlife to create a better society.

I dream that one day there will be no more war and violence. I dream that peace and love come first. I dream one day poverty and hurt will over.