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Dreams: End War

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I have a dream for the word to be a better place and for the families to be together!!!!:)

To live in a world where no one is abused animal or human, and no wars, and no dangerous conflict.

i have a dream that everyone will work together get along put there difrences aside and become one in a brother and sister kinda way quite fighting each other become friends and find something everyon...

My dream is to be happy, and to help other people be happy.

that war will end!! :)

I WANT A peaceful & sustainable global civilization SOCIAL EVOLUTION BEYOND POLITICS, POVERTY & WAR

For our generation to be remembered not for our contributions to war and adversity but for the re-emergence of our fight to uphold our values of freedom and justice for all

my dream is to END WAR FOREVER!

I wish there is no war in the world and everyone is live peacful and happy and joy..

I hope that there will be an end to all war and peace throughout the world.

My dream for the world is that global warming will get better and that we can have world peace without war or any violence. Viera

my dream is to end wars. So every body can be safe. And veterans don't have to risk there lives.

My dream is to see Dr. Kings words in the letter from Birmingham Jail added to the biblical text causing the church to deal with racial tension and our social class divide...

my dream is that everyone could live together in peace without war and get along. And for everyone to get along

That we will no longer need religion or the promise of an afterlife to create a better society.

Happy love helath and respect economi

I have a dream where the world is one united countries. Wars are no longer useful and tolerated and all people are fee to travel, live, work, etc. where ever they so choose...

I have a dream that people in this world would stop fighting and shooting.......

My dream is to see a world without any kind of war, complete peace & freedom !!!

I dream of a day when all people are free and equal. I dream of a day when all war and violence have ended. A day when peace and love are normal.