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End world hunger world peace cowboys [illegible] everybody happy

My dream is that one day our country will withdraw from war and the troops come back to their families. I also hope for the world to become a more wholesome place by people judging others by their...

I pray that the world will look to our Lord above to help solve our problems. I pray that our nations wars cease and peace and love amongst all mankind is forever more. Someday that day will become a...

For there to be no Wars.

I wish there is no war in the world and everyone is live peacful and happy and joy..

Health care equality Fair and equitable legal system Support and quality education Peace - The END of WAR

to see a more tolerant society and to never see a repeat of the World Trade Center disaster that terrible day on 9/11.

I have a dream that one day world hunger and war will end.

A Cure for cancer & AIDS; end to nuclear weapons.

I just want to make the world peacefully. No wars, no hungers, No Tears. Everyday, everybody should be smiling.

I WANT A peaceful & sustainable global civilization SOCIAL EVOLUTION BEYOND POLITICS, POVERTY & WAR

My dream for our world is that people didn’t have to fight wars with violence, death, sickness, and murder. I dream that one day humans will be mature enough to debate things out peacefully. -Serena

i wish to travel the world and see different types of cultures

My dream for the world is peace and to end racial discrimination. Jackson

The dream that one day will come true is that there would be world peace and that world be a better place for everyone. also that anyone who is living in poverty will some day be living a healthy/...

A Cure for cancer & AIDS; end to nuclear weapons.

My dream for our country is that there is no fighting and that there are no burglaries and that we have peace within the country.

My dream for our world is that there will be peace between all the countries and all war will end. Rhea

To see Dr. King "Beloved Community" truly become a reality in Atlanta, in the US, and around the world. We pray fro peaceful transition of government in The Middle East; we pray for peace...

That we study war no more and remember Dr. King's Dream...