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Dreams: End Hunger

180 dreams to explore

Makayla I dream all the people that don't have food get some food.

My dream is for there to be peace all around the world. For there to be no war, no poachers, no poor people, and an endless supply of money for me. I also wish there was freedom for all.

I dream That One day Everyone Would Be Happy.

i have a dream that we can all work together and end world hunger

To Live in a world with no hurt, pain or hunger. Just Love and perserverance....

I have a dream that one day everyone will unite and help solve the worlds problems rather than struggle for power to hold over eachothers heads. -Tayonna

My dream for my country is to have all the debt paid off.

My Dream is to be. . . A professional actor and to help out charities around the world. I want to help all the children and adults that need food, water and good education and a happy life.

To see hunger and poverty completely eliminated...... Kymara

to have world peace and all homeless and hunger will be a history.... also I would like everyone to love themselves as God love them. And respect will be given and not taken. Shaniek

To have a world where children do not go hungry.

My dream is that everyone has a home and they have money to buy food. I also want everybody to be treated equally and stop being bullied for their religion or their color.

To have Peace for everyone in the world. There be no more hunger, homelessness, no more wars...

My dream is to inspire kids to help, the world with poverty, starvation, and education

To live in a world without racism.


I have a dream, that people will someday end their profit hungry motives, and seek to contribute to the natural world...

For every child in America to have a good meal everyday and be able to receive a quality education

To get the best education possible to make a difference in some part of our government.

my dream is to go to collage and have a good job as a docter or lawryer