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My dream is a bit big. I dream for the entire world. I wish that a time would come and people will not hate one another based on religion. I wish that people with stand with one another to stop wars...

Makayla I dream all the people that don't have food get some food...

My dream is to end hunger. Hunger needs to stop because kids are dying because they don't have any food to eat...

my dream is to go to collage and have a good job as a docter or lawryer

To end world hunger

Ridin Rows In Days Intercepting Nights Having sight to seek ways to eat bettering the week as we meet?

my dream is to be in the NBA.

the whole world come together and lov one and other

My dream is to eliminate world hunger. Not only in poor countries but the entire world. -Catherine

For world hunger to end

A world without hunger and ignorance.

I just want to make the world peacefully. No wars, no hungers, No Tears. Everyday, everybody should be smiling.

My Dream is to be. . . A professional actor and to help out charities around the world. I want to help all the children and adults that need food, water and good education and a happy life.

My dream for the community is to allow every person to have food, so there will be less hunger.

To live in a world without racism.

That all people in the world could have a shelter and food. Janae.

I want eggs.

To encourge peace around the world and stop hunger.

to end world hunger

I have a dream of a place where there are no worries about violence. A place where nobody has to worry or be scared about going to certain places or being with certain people. I also dream of a world...