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Dreams: End Hunger

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To end world hunger

To go to Africa and feed the hunger and give out clothes. I'm -Jade

The principles that Dr...

My dream is to help others improve thier education, help end hunger, and want people to love no matter what race and color.I hope my dream wil come true no matter what.

I have a dream, that people will someday end their profit hungry motives, and seek to contribute to the natural world...


I am not straight (lesbian). I dream that we had gay equality through the country of the United States. Or the world what ever comes up first...

My dream is to end the attacks on U.S.

My dream is that I would like MK dreams to continue and to be taught in all Schools around nation. and that peace and love will continue, hunger will be a thing of the past. Francis

I dream That One day Everyone Would Be Happy.

My dream is for Africa to have another chance to emerge and BE...

I have a dream of respect, social justice, and equality for all people from all nations...

I have a dream that if your in 7th grade and up and you want to try out for a sport.But you don't have the money to so you cant be on the team.I think that's not fear i thing that the school...

to end world hunger!

I have a dream that everyone get a discount on food and homeless get free jobs homes [Cameron]


that i can contribute to the solutions to the world problems.

My dream for my community is for there to be more places for people without homes to go if they need something because everyone should be able to live life to the fullest and have what they need...

to Help Homeless people, And vetrans And FEED THEM ALL THAT NEED IT My Health to get better peace to EVERYONE

End world hunger world peace cowboys [illegible] everybody happy