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Dreams: Youth

328 dreams to explore

I dream that I dream that one day I will make All A's through out school and have a sport scolarship and become a docter who can help everybody in need.Or a veternarian who can save every animal ...

to help the youth in America to know their full potential & to be a positive influence for them.

One day stop adolescent violence of murders and robbery

Part 2. Juleis a life of joy, love, and caring for himself and others. I'm so thankful for Dr. King's dream that opened up so many doors for me and my family.

To start an organization in DC's inner cities and in Ghana to promote more career and academic opportunities to young women.

My dream is that kids can vote Amen

My dream for our country is that everyone gets to go to school and get a great education because every person deserves to get a great career and a better life. Martina

To have a part in making sure that our youth have the opportunity to have an opportunity to make a difference -Jemnia

One day I dream that every child and person has enough to eat and won't starve.

My dream is for all people to be equal and love one another with the love of Jesus

Make stuff to sell and give that money to the school in Kenicut

is to have a good education so I can make the world a better place for the children come under me

A better education for all children.

for all little Black children to realize Dr. King's Dream...

All people of the world will culturally respect and honor the richness of the differences God placed in each of us.

My dream is for every child to have access to elementary, intermediate and postgraduate education.

to be a hero for all youth. I want to inspire all youth. God is good. I follow Martin.

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.

That everything Malala Yousafzai stated in her UN address will, in the near future, become a reality.

My dream is to see corporate America to join the community to form united front for our youth.