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Dreams: Youth

328 dreams to explore

to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

That one day all children in this country will have the chance to get an excellent education

For the wars that we are fighting to end so that our children will not have to die anymore! I wish for world peace!

To continue making an attempt to help young people pursue a college degree, be lawful citizen and continue to help the nurturing.

that the pictures i take today become timeless and influence the photographers of tomorrow Renee' Mac Norfolk State University ℅ 2013

That my three children will be able to worship God freely and others in this as well.

1. World Peace 2. Physical healing for humankind 3. Spiritual Awareness/ enlightenment for all 4. Love, love, love

That my 2 sons will be able to receive a higher Education than I did [Curtis]

To open a non-profit adoption agency. Why should being a family cost money?

My dream is that my daughter will grow up in a world where she is treated with respect. I dream about a safe world where we value each other's differences and work together to solve problems...

to educate the youth on the important of education. Knowledge plus application equals power. Dr. King had a great vision not only for the black people but for all races...

I want to encourage others they are who they are and they dont have to act like someone else

That my children are able to experience a world of opportunities

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

I have a dream about everyone in world are happy. I have a dream about not caring about color but care about friendship.

My dream is to live out the reality of past dreams, and plant a dream of empowerment and equality to be realized by my children after me.

My dream is to help all the homeless kids and kids that are starving around the world. Also to become famous for my good deeds to the world.

My dream is to see corporate America to join the community to form united front for our youth.

my dream is for my children and grandchildren to be reflective of the dream set forth by Dr. King

My dream is that every child under the age of 8 will not have to work for their village.