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Dreams: Youth

328 dreams to explore

That we as a people will unite as one to support and love each other may we keep Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream Alive.

I have a dream. To become an excellent Victim Advocate for the men, women and children who have been victims of crime. I have a dream...

to graduate from Virginia Union with honors. Upon graduating, attending medical school to obtain a medical degree :)

my dream is for my children and grandchildren to be reflective of the dream set forth by Dr. King

My dream is to build a village where children can come for retreats and enrichment programs that will help them learn that we are all inventors and creators and to have enough funds to help them devel...

to motivate young people to live a life that will be an inspiration to others.

for one not to go back into hard times. Like it was in Martin Luther King Jr.'s days. My dream is to be an football., and basketball player and become famous. Have my own shoes and church...

Is that my two little girls never have to live in the old way

That my children have true access and opportunity to obtain the American Dream

to change one child's life through my teaching.

To see young people seek and find inspiration and purpose for their future.

To have a very popular powerful clothing line, that is universal but I would also like to mean something powerful. I would like to see an end to racism from people in PW, NY.

I want every single child in the world to be raised in family. I don't want to see orphan children.

i have a dream that i will be able to feel pretty, stop trying to hurt myself, stop believing im worthless, and to stop being jealous.

I have a dream that we will pass the AP exam and that I will get to date Tom.

Zoey DREAM to be a

to be able to have trillions of dollars to help the poor. Also to have a dancing career.

For America to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways so that God's Kingdom can prevail and heal the land.

For a more peace-full, generous, and optimistic world- and one committed to protecting all of our natural resources - for my children, grandchildren and their children to follow

To be a Police Officer Simeon