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Dreams: Youth

328 dreams to explore

To make a difference in the world by doing what I love, theatre. I also want to be a Nurse and help underprivileged children. [Ella Brennan]

For a more peace-full, generous, and optimistic world- and one committed to protecting all of our natural resources - for my children, grandchildren and their children to follow

that the pictures i take today become timeless and influence the photographers of tomorrow Renee' Mac Norfolk State University ℅ 2013

To learn the youth of America the powerful and amazing impact of music

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.

Access to a high quality education for all students [Beverly]

Every Man, Woman & Child who come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

My dream for our community is to have safe places for kids to play and learn. Spenser.

is to use my talents and energy to spread hope and confidence in all the lives I touch...

My Dream is that all children are given the opportunity to dream big and achieve!

My dream is to be a good African American and to be thoughtful to others. My dream is to be a teacher.

that one day - in the near future - all the young people in the country who are struggling with unemployment - will be able to find the type of work they are passionate about doing.

My dream for our country is that everyone gets to go to school and get a great education because every person deserves to get a great career and a better life. Martina

to reduce the amount of psychotropic drugs given to foster youth and adjudicated teens by providing an alternative to medication. Octavia

Everybody is the world must be free and had all same opportunities to grow up.

to one day work in the white house inorder to help change America's education policies for children. Making sure that everyone suceed's by any means necessary!!

to help the youth in America to know their full potential & to be a positive influence for them.

that my child grow up in a better world than I did.

That children can go back to being children, not having to carry adult burdens.

My children to grow up in a better world than we live in today. Peace, Prosperity, & Happiness to all further generations!