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Dreams: Youth

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One day I dream that every child and person has enough to eat and won't starve.

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

Is to become an actress and have four children with an husband and to have millions of dollars.

I dream one day of peace. Peace and prosperity that rings through our land and our world. That we all are happy and get along.

to have wonderful children.

My dream is to build a village where children can come for retreats and enrichment programs that will help them learn that we are all inventors and creators and to have enough funds to help them devel...

For a more peace-full, generous, and optimistic world- and one committed to protecting all of our natural resources - for my children, grandchildren and their children to follow

To change the world and become someone great. To be someone whose name lives on. I want to be heard. That's one of my dreams.

My dream is for young people to honor and respect the legacy in which they have been raised and to fulfill the potential deep within them. Our youth is our future...

I have a dream to be a postitive influence in children's lives, and to make the world aware and proactive in addressing Some of the issues that African descendants face!

For all children from all ethnic background to become well versed in the [illegible]

That all children have access to a quality education na matter what the parents income level is


Peace and justice and equality. Children to be love and educated. Prosperity for all in our nation

That we keep the dream alive, by during great things, so America don't think the dream of Martin Luther has die.

to be a teacher to my children

my dream is for everyone to get along...

to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

My dream is to see corporate America to join the community to form united front for our youth.

To have a world where children do not go hungry.