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i have a that people will stop being bullied at school becase some of them may cause fights gun shots and more i wish they whould stop - kelliah

When my Children would not fear being ridiculed for being Latino - no fear in School no fear at the Mall no fear on the Internet

That my three children will be able to worship God freely and others in this as well.

I, Kenya Cleveland, dream of becoming a Govenor of the great state of Mississippi. My plans are to revamp the board of education and install diversity in Mississippi's politics...

All people of the world will culturally respect and honor the richness of the differences God placed in each of us.

I have a dream that one day I will work with babies and save many lives! This is also my dream that maybe one day I will be a profeeional dancer and have my own studio.

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

I want a Xbox and a dirtbike.

To live in a world without racism.

to become a licensed counselor so I can minister to teenage girls

To ensure that future generations remember the struggles that came before us and build upon the dreams created for us and the dreams we created for future generations before us.

To develop strong young brothers into will set example and bring about change. Bold and new young leaders

For all children to be safe and loved.

To help others with little kids in black or white whether they are pour or celebrities, singers Glenneice

Peace. Love. Equality.

To see young people seek and find inspiration and purpose for their future.

to one day run my own buisnes

Part 2. Juleis a life of joy, love, and caring for himself and others. I'm so thankful for Dr. King's dream that opened up so many doors for me and my family...

to make a difference in the life of every child that I come in contact with, to let them know that they are loved, apprecated, and worthy.

For the wars that we are fighting to end so that our children will not have to die anymore! I wish for world peace!