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Dreams: Youth

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I have a dream to be a postitive influence in children's lives, and to make the world aware and proactive in addressing Some of the issues that African descendants face!

That all of my grand children grow up to understand and live out the dreams, that Martin L. King had. I had the pleasure of marching with him in 1993 march of leash!

My Dream is that all children are given the opportunity to dream big and achieve!

That each of us recognize our souls imperative and task, and have the courage, vision, and loving strength like Martin to complete our missions here on earth...

To develop strong young brothers into will set example and bring about change. Bold and new young leaders

My dream is that one day GOD is recognized and honored again in the public school system.

For every child in America to have a good meal everyday and be able to receive a quality education

people to grow in stature so that the U.S...

I have a dream about everyone in world are happy. I have a dream about not caring about color but care about friendship.

Be Whatever I Want And Put Martin's Dream To Use Especially Us Youth

for all wars to be over and to never exist again. Enough with the bloodshed. I dream of a peaceful world, where everyone respects everyone regardless of their country, color, race or religion...

To end senseless violence where innocent people are involved, especially babies and young children that havent had a chance to experience life yet...

To run an acting class, and help the children in need.

That our next generation do not know the meaning of racism. [Orlando]

For all people in the WORLD to live in PEACE.

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

My dream is to be a mechanic when I am older and to stop all hunger in poor countries like Africa and India.

For all children from all ethnic background to become well versed in the [illegible]

My dream is to be more opened-minded and explore new friendships and new things . I want to make my community a better place. Solana

That children can go back to being children, not having to carry adult burdens.