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to motivate young people to live a life that will be an inspiration to others.

for children to be safe in school.

to one day run my own buisnes

To touch people with love. Hope for our youth.

My dream is to see my family and the world walking in their God given purpose.

i have a dream that i will be able to feel pretty, stop trying to hurt myself, stop believing im worthless, and to stop being jealous.

Every child shall be well educated to their full potential.

for a peaceful happy, healthy future for all children.

Every Man, Woman & Child who come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

For every child in America to have a good meal everyday and be able to receive a quality education

For our children to grow up in a better world than we did.

My dream is that one day GOD is recognized and honored again in the public school system.

T live a happy life and do what I can to bring joy to other. We don't always know what others are feeling, but we can shake joy all over...

I have a dream and itz to be able to show the youth some positive growth between all race. I want everything not to just be about money to be able to have changes , but credentials,ambitousness and...

For future generation to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and use that knowledge to overcome man-made obstancles.

I could live life like Santa and Jackfrost and the reindeer.

I have a dream to be a postitive influence in children's lives, and to make the world aware and proactive in addressing Some of the issues that African descendants face!...

To live in a community where every child is valued, and every citizen understands that democracy requires a day-to-day commitment. K.M.

Let everyone have freedom of choice.

For every child to have access to the high quality education that we all deserve.