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328 dreams to explore

Eventually start my own business and be a key influential figure in society, especially to the youth.

to educate African American children about themselves and open up my own school.

My dream for our community is to have safe places for kids to play and learn. Spenser.

Tougher gun laws to keep our schools and public places safe.

to become a licensed counselor so I can minister to teenage girls

Make a difference in the lives of children

Good morning, My name is Quardney, and through the power of song, I want to incite the same kinds of change in the LGBTQ community that Rev. Dr. King, Jr., did for the African-American community. I...

My dream is for my son to continue to strive for success and continue to do right from wrong, love God, Love you Matthew.

To change the world and become someone great. To be someone whose name lives on. I want to be heard. That's one of my dreams...

to see world peace and to see all of the people of the world unite under the one true God a sharing love.

That my 2 sons will be able to receive a higher Education than I did [Curtis]

T live a happy life and do what I can to bring joy to other. We don't always know what others are feeling, but we can shake joy all over...

to produce and write music where one may be able to live a successful and happy life with the music that I make.

Let everyone have freedom of choice.

that one day - in the near future - all the young people in the country who are struggling with unemployment - will be able to find the type of work they are passionate about doing.

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

To continue what Dr. king started and finish it. i believe if he was still here there wouldn't be as much war that we have today. Dr. kings dream was for everyone to come closer not kill each...

To make a difference in the world by doing what I love, theatre. I also want to be a Nurse and help underprivileged children. [Ella Brennan]

My Dream is to be a soccer player

My dream is to become a millionaire, and help children all around the world.