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Dreams: Youth

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i want african american children to be free to realize their dreams and aspirations and be unschackled from profiling and unjust treatment by society ...

For all people in the WORLD to live in PEACE.

to motivate young people to live a life that will be an inspiration to others.

people to grow in stature so that the U.S...

to never really grow up.

I have a dream and itz to be able to show the youth some positive growth between all race...

make every be possible

To run an acting class, and help the children in need.

To have a part in making sure that our youth have the opportunity to have an opportunity to make a difference -Jemnia

To Raise a successful kid. And to Make a difference inthe woRld & Be Financially Blessed with Youth Peace & Health play

My dream is to be either a marine biologist or zoologist when I am older.

I have a dream that one day my family will not have to worry about money, we can go to the doctor when we are sick and not have to worry about bills...

To help thousands of kids around the world to discover that what God has for them - Is blessfully only for them! So go out and get it!

I have a dream that we will pass the AP exam and that I will get to date Tom.

For the wars that we are fighting to end so that our children will not have to die anymore! I wish for world peace!

to one day run my own buisnes

In continuing Kings Legacy, my students are performance poets: The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word. They perform the works of Dr...

Poverty stricken countries rise beyond america's basic living. And jobs pay adults higher wages.

to end violence, everybody get along, world peace, no weapons

To become financially stable enough to create philanthropic endeavors to assist in aiding illnesses around the world as well as create poetic messages that inspire under-privileged youth!