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Dreams: Youth

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to help children all over the world to make sure they are protected. No child should live in fear.

My community's PARENTS will Recognize the awesome Responsibility they hold for the shaping, building up & structing of the next generation's thought How they raise their children

That one day all children in this country will have the chance to get an excellent education

To help youth of all ages dream as much as possible!

Every child shall be well educated to their full potential.

Is to one day have World Peace, So that our Children, (our future Leaders) will not have to fight in Wars that we had and are still fighting in. U.S. Army SFC.

My dream is to see corporate America to join the community to form united front for our youth.

stop racism, world peace, blacks to start knowing there worth, think big and dream big, always educated the young they are the future.


For children in the US to value education just as much as children in other countries & for parents to help instill this value in their children.

To become one of the most prominent and sought after black woman Financial Advisers in the United States

For all people to open their hearts and minds to those who are different from them, to be kind compassionate and understanding that we are on this earth together, united forever as one.

My dream is to create/expand a dance outreach program for children and teens in my community...

Americans can live as though we are all one in same & children could never have to experience racism.

That Keyshawn Brown and Krystle Baez will go to college the world.

I dream of a time when we no longer have to worry about crazed individuals taking the lives of innocent people. A time of peace across the world...

That my 2 sons will be able to receive a higher Education than I did [Curtis]

In continuing Kings Legacy, my students are performance poets: The Distinguished Gentlemen of Spoken Word. They perform the works of Dr...

For America to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways so that God's Kingdom can prevail and heal the land.

My dream is to make it through school. Live as happily as I can and love with my heart.