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Dreams: Respect

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That all governments resect the human rights of every individual, and deliver the basic necessity to live. Feed the hunger, push for education and build affordable housing for the poor.

That we do become one nation that respects each other despite whatever our differences - race, nationality etc. are.

I want to see all people treated equally. All people of all colors, all religions, all sexual preferences, all backgrounds, ALL PEOPLE. When this happens, then Peace can happen.

I have a dream: That one day there will be no bullying. Everyone will get along and no one will discriminate or send hate to others simply because they are different...

Love, & Respect each & every Individual We are all God's creation

I have a dream that everyone in our country will have access to a quality education, a living wage, healthcare, and healthy, thriving communities; that all citizens and non-citizens will be treated wi...

My dream is to create an art center for small children. I believe that through art we can encourge children to be creative, express themselves and validate their feelings...

I dream that one day we'll all get along and there would be no more fighting.

To have everyone understand each other and for life to be free

that one day I may treat complete strangers as I would treat my family or friends.

I would like to be a history teacher when I grow up because I've learned a lot in the past.

Hi, my name is Kelsey M and I’m a lesbian. My main goal is for everyone to have an open mind about, sexuality and race, religion, etc...

A world full of peace, & all cultures/races can be appreciated & respected for the true beauty they represent.

for each and every individual to feel respected, loved, and valued

My dream is that kindness will prevail over guns and that we as a nation will see the racial inequity of mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses and Stand Your Ground laws will be eliminate...

I have the dream that the people of the world will one day live in harmony and peace together...

My dream has been, and still is, that all men everywhere will realize that all men are equal.

My Dream is that one day the most vulnerable of our citizens, the citizen in the womb, will be afforded their first inalienable right and that is life.

My dream is for all of the children in the world to have access to an education...

Jan for all people to live with Dignity