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Dreams: Peace

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My dream is that every Mexican gets papers.

To live in a peaceful society where everyone practices the golden rule to treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Enjoy a healthy, happy family life.

I dream of a world where "news" actually includes good news; where everyone cares for the most vulnerable among us; & where LOVE WINS. *PEACE WILL PREVAIL*

My Dream is that everyone get along and ban together to stop the violence.

world Peace and for the vail of ignorance to be lifted from every person who just doesn't get it!

Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity! God's mercy and Grace for all of us!

My Dream is that one day the most vulnerable of our citizens, the citizen in the womb, will be afforded their first inalienable right and that is life.

I have a dream that everything will be happier place to live. Tariyon

Justice for all regardless of race! Dr. King had a dream we have reached some of the milestone of Dr...

love and peace is the best thing. My dream is to become a police.

to fly with no restrictions; explore with no destination; live with freedom, justice and peace; To dream for my future and make a change.

the world will be as one no war no government peace , love and freedom

My dream is for all peoples to live in safety, with love and compassion for one another and to help save our beautiful earth...

I have a dream to keep the world at peace and foreveryone to get along with each other and have a peaceful life.

My dream is to bring about a Two-State Solution between Israel and Palestine

Hope, faith, and love

That we will full fill the dream of non-violence

To see all children excel to their fullest potential regardless of economic background and circumstance.

true world peace for the world. Personal health for all my family Roberta

My dream is that we all truly live Dr...