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My Dream is that everyone get along and ban together to stop the violence.

For the World to see an increase in world peace

I Dream is for my son to be healthy and have a happy life. World Peace Peace Within Equality

To find a cleaner and cheaper energy source that can be provided to countries all over the world to solve countless problems like cleaning drinking water and powering hospitals.

My dream is to become President of the United States of America, ensure American ascendancy, ensure respect for the U.S, and bring the thoughts and ideals of Prussian Militarism (1806-1945) to the...

My dream is for the world to be peaceful and to be racism free forever. By: Lanadia

is for my grandson to see a better world and reality than it was in my day-- God Bless

my dream is to become successful model and be great at what i do and to give back to my community

My dream for our world is to have peace because there will be no more fighting. Elise

World wide peace

To live to see a world without war where every individual is valued.

For the world to reach an understanding of culture and religion, so that everyone around on lives in harmony and understanding -Megan

To see all colors and nationalities greeting each other all over the world, with love, everyone!!

Peace in the heart of everybody of the world

My dream to have sports all over the world. We should beable to have sports.

to let peace and freedom ring. To have a world with wonderful people. Sofia

For my grandkids to live in a world of peace, justice, equaltiy, no violence world! World Peace keep the dream alive [Lynn]

I Have A Dream that we will all wont to have a Education and all love one another and respect are teachers and we need to me friendly to one another we need peace in the world and no black on black...

I dream that one day the world'll be in peace, in every country, and every body will be respected, without regard of his religion, his race, who he loves... I dream to live a wonderful and happy...

I have A dream , That one day the world will be cancer- free, and that no one will have to say goodbye to their loved ones forever.