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is to have all peace in the world and for Mayek to stop stop being grumpsy all the time {illegible name}

For my child and all other african african american children to receive the equality education that dream passionately fought for and was his dream.

That my children will no longer have to struggle to get ahead in the world

I dream that one day we'll all get along and there would be no more fighting...

That everyone is given the same opportunity and advantages so they can live their dream whatever it is - alleviate property, equal education, peace, love, freedom! God Bless

Peace in our minds. Courage to speak our truth. Love in our hearts. Ability to walk. The path of visionary change. [Remsteller]

My dream is for the world to have peace at last. For everyone to be treated equally and have equal opportunities. Although African American came a long ways, African Americans still do not have the...

My dream is that each of us come to love ourselves as tenderly as "God" (all Gods) loves us...if we can accept our own light, power, beauty, grace and accept our own darkness, sorrow and...

My dream is to have martin Luther King Jr. hadn't died of such violent ways. My dream is to end war and violence and be filled with peace, love, helping others , work hard, happiness and...

My dream is world peace and love and harmony

Peace and justice and equality. Children to be love and educated. Prosperity for all in our nation

...That one day we will all be happy and friends. That would be fantastic!

peace, love, and understanding.

At a dinner before "We Day Seattle," Tuesday evening, I had the honor of meeting MLK Jr III. I told him about this powerful video, inspired by MLK's "I have a dream" speech...

My drem for the world is peace. I want there to be no war that way everyone is safe and is kind to one another.

God's richest blessings for a long life that embraces and reflects God's love...

My dream is to human Bring to gder [Dylan

I have a dream for World Peace.

A world full of peace, & all cultures/races can be appreciated & respected for the true beauty they represent.

To be a better a basketball player