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for all my students to learn how to live together and teach their children to live together in harmony.

that everyone will be peaceful with each other!

My dream is that Hostess will start making twinkies,snowballs,and Ho-hos. I also wish that people in Saudi-Arabia and US can get along. And that people will not abuse dogs and defenseless animals.

I had a dream that everyone live there whole life...... I HAD A DREAM

Those few yet many, who loudly say "why?"; even when the majority says "why not"--and for my sons--Dusan and Christopher--to know that they can achieve everything they dream-...

My dream is for people of the world to come together and save our planet from our pollution which destroys our planet everyday it gets worse

For my child and all other african african american children to receive the equality education that dream passionately fought for and was his dream.

education, health care and freedom for all. This will bring world peace!

A better world

My dream for our world is world peace because without war comes less lives being lost. Krissy

I dream one day of peace. Peace and prosperity that rings through our land and our world. That we all are happy and get along.

Cure for diabetes, lymphoma cancer, pancreatic cancer. Cure for unemployment - peace -

Victor- To create world peace in everyone nation no matter what

Health care equality Fair and equitable legal system Support and quality education Peace - The END of WAR

My dream is that kindness will prevail over guns and that we as a nation will see the racial inequity of mandatory sentencing for non-violent drug offenses and Stand Your Ground laws will be...

MY DREAMS!!! :-) My dream for the environment is to keep it clean and respected,such as not littering and giving waste and to keep our earth clean!! :-) My dream for health is for everybody in the...

A world where we remove the barriers that divide us, where our difference are respected and our commonalities are celebrated, where a person's dream and become reality and where compassion for...

My dream for our community is that everyone will be kind to other people and animals. Ben

My children to grow up in a better world than we live in today. Peace, Prosperity, & Happiness to all further generations!

My dream is for the USA (my country) to unite as one. To look beyond race and creed, to better understand and accept our differences. Let the world see how great we are now and in the future