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Dreams: Peace

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I have a dream that my family stays healthy and the world finds peace.

One day brother and sister will stop fighting and be nice once in while. [Alyiah]

I have a dream that one day everyone will be treated the same. The blacks will be able to go apply for a job and not be neglected or rejected because of the color of their skin...

To one day achieve total peace of mind and pure happiness

To live to finally see and experience the end of racism. I sincerely hope this will happen duriing my lifetime...

My Dream ia to have love & peace around the world.

I have a dream that all beings can live free from harm.

My dream is although we will not always agree with one another, respecting another person's view point would go a long way in making the world a safer place with less discord in our daily lives...

I dream that some day people will encourage each other rathern than bring each other down...

That God would give us the Black Community the strength to forgive America for her injustice towards us as a people...

...That one day we will all be happy and friends. That would be fantastic!

A World at peace, a shalom community

My dream is for Africa to have another chance to emerge and BE...

That the world will eventually be a better place.

To see Dr. King's vision for peace and equality continue to be shared with generations to come.

That we all learn form the history of great men likeMLK and really listen to what they were saying about equality, freedom, non-violence and peace.

My dream is for world peace!!!!

I would like world peace because there is too much violence and war so please agree with me and make the world more peaceful. Isaac

to have & live in a society where equality is the norm-not a far-fetched idea; to see a day when even hidden or subtle racism is no more& peace with all men is part of everyday life.

I hope that all war and terrorism will be gone from our world.