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Dreams: Peace

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I am a graphic designer. I also am seeking a world of peace and harmony with humans and nature...

Live to see peace between Middle East Nations and The West.

My dream is for the world to be peaceful and to be racism free forever. By: Lanadia

My dream for our community is that everyone will be kind to other people and animals. Ben

I dream for each of us to find a way to love and respect one and another, no matter the differences and experience that define us.

A dream of health and happiness, peace and love, the end of war and poverty, a world where freedom and equality flows like a mighty stream.

My dream is that every Mexican gets papers.

My Dream…is that the Power, Passion, Truth and Love that Brother King was blessed to serve as a vessel for, will resonate across the nation, the world and most important into the hearts of All Humanit...

My dream is that each of us come to love ourselves as tenderly as "God" (all Gods) loves us...if we can accept our own light, power, beauty, grace and accept our own darkness, sorrow and lac...

My dream for my country is for everyone to be treated the same. It shouldn’t matter what people look like or if they are poor...

My dream is to keep my grades good. To alway have peaceful poeple around me. To keep my familys alway close. I also want to alway be HAPPY!

Let our nation be strong in the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King - Kory, TX

My dream is for the USA (my country) to unite as one. To look beyond race and creed, to better understand and accept our differences. Let the world see how great we are now and in the future

I dream of a peaceful world where everyone is loved and happy.

1. Is to be grandmother 2. That Obama will have four more years as President 3. World Peace

I dream of Peace for the sake of Peace...

I dream for world peace=)

I have a dream that all the cites have swimming pools.

All races working together to achieve peace. We all need to work together in balancing out the economy. We all need to work together in respecting everyone

i have a dreeam that all people get along so the world could have a better chance at a future