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Dreams: Health

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To cure cancer

Emile To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole...

for the world to be rid of violence and for the world to be truly rid of racism and negativety toward others.

To encourage all Americans to embrace truth and integrity while they disconnect from racism and half truths.

Peace, Love, Health & Prosperity! God's mercy and Grace for all of us!

for me and my family to live a healthy and prosperous life. And for racism to stop in this country

To raise my two sons to be healthy, happy, successful, quality men so that when they are adults they make sound decisions and live their lives emulating the values with which they were raised.

My dream for America is for everyone to not be hungery no matter if there homeless or the rich.

To furture my education. To help my son see his dreams come to past. Thank you Rosa, Martin and Malcolm

My name is Juan lacan. one of my dreams is to get my GED, because I want to study medicine. I would like to be a dentist...

My dream is to become a famous actress and raise money for cancer and diabetes and other desises. If we deserve the chance to live healthy and safe life, why can't we all?

That I will combine engineering with biology and revolutionize the prostetics field, and become the next Albert Einstein.

to become a global philanthropist through Pediatric Neurosurgery :)SB

I want to become a scientist so I can help people so that people can live longer. For example, if there are germs, I can figure out how to fight them. Sincerely, Jacob B, Age 6

Prosperity in life, health, spiritual growth, finance, and relationships. I dream of peace of love to exchange all over the world. I dream of non-violent practices in everything that is done!

My dream is for no more cutting down trees and no more burning rain forests.

My dream is for all can receive an education, eat, receive medical care and have a home.

my dream is for all of us to work together and find a cure for cancer

My dream is for the U.S...

To alleviate cover-ups that hurt the poor.... Some public housing and public schools have lead paint and asbestos...