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that one day all individuals will have opportunity to health care, home ownership, and quality education

To have an healthy and long living earth

that cancer will be cured

I have a dream that when I grow up I will be the best baseball player in the MLB.I will do a fund raiser called the "Hit for Cancer". This fund raiser is for the people who have cancer...

I Have A Dream to end ALL hunger and for us to ALL be equal! I Have A Dream to continue Dr. King's dream and to have nothing BUT THE SWEET SOUND OF PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where Family can be...

My dream is to be an Obstetrician and do medical research [Huntington's disease]...

I dream for my son to have a wonderful, happy, and healthy life.

My dream: My dream is for all animals too be safe. My dream is for all animals to have a home. My dream is for everyone too be respected. My dream is for everyone too be respected. My dream is for...

My dream is to be business man and become a millionaire who is successful in life.

A full recovery from this recession/depression within a year. A job for every individual who's searching for one. Love, health, happiness for all...

to be a doctor that helps people live and be a person that prays for peace. Loren

Betty my dream is to live longer and my family will unite in happiness together

him without cancer-------->

to Help Homeless people, And vetrans And FEED THEM ALL THAT NEED IT My Health to get better peace to EVERYONE

My dream for Corbett Prep is that we can keep our campus clean and healthy.

My dream for my community is for that everyone will get together at least once a year and we can do community service. I want people to know that they are cared for so they can feel better about...

That every human being on the face of this earth no matter what color, creed, or race, will one day realize that not only are we one that we serve One God, and we are all One Voice.

That no man or woman will suffer anymore. That God will bring an end to discrimination, sickness and death and we will all live in peace and everlasting happiness.

My dream is to help the homeless have a shelter.

to meet lots of celebrities and travel around the world. and To be a doctor and graduate from college.