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Dreams: Health

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that women across the world can live without the fear of violence and receive access to education, food and medicine.

Happy love helath and respect economi

My dream for our country is i want the food department to make healthier food so that the obesity epidemic will end. Krissy

that one day all individuals will have opportunity to health care, home ownership, and quality education

To live a long life with my mom.

For all the troops to get back home safely and for all this nonsense to end already and actually try to get along with one another.

To save thousands of lives as a doctor.

That someone will find a cure for cancer

For all 3 of my girls to graduate from high & college. For my family's health and prosperity. I dream that i can make an impact on other people lives with my testimony...

To educate women in Ghana West Africa about prenatal care, healthy habits for their babies, I want to increase women and children rights across the continent of Africa

I have a dream one day everyone in the world will live happily, safety, healthy. I have a dream I can do something for the world. -Sen

My name is Juan lacan. one of my dreams is to get my GED, because I want to study medicine. I would like to be a dentist...

Emile To bring a change in my community and why not my country as a whole...

To eat organic, raw foods.

To get rid of the word "Race" we are all humans. That's it! Different shades and languages. We all want pretty much the best for all...

Help my sister [ID]

All people will realize their relationship in a positive way and get along and promote world happiness and prosperity

that All Children have beautiful lives. Psalm 37:4

My dream for America is for everyone to not be hungery no matter if there homeless or the rich.

My dream is to have my own personal care facility for kids with special needs [Monica]