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Dreams: Freedom

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my dream is to dream of a dream and have a dream about a dream dreaming

make every body in the world happy

I dream that I will be a successful person.

A Message to Keni Washington, Managing Director, Earth-Solar Technologies Corporation, Indianapolis, IN. Stanford '69 On Aug 29, 2013, at 12:36 AM, "Charles E...

Justice, Freedom, Equality & Liberty for all mankind

my dream is to be a better person and for my mom and my tina to be rich and happy

for all my students to learn how to live together and teach their children to live together in harmony.

My dream is that King's death was not in vain and that all God's people stand in one accord to continue the mission he started for freedom, peace, and equality.

I have a dream that people in this world would stop fighting and shooting.......

My Dream is to become a music artist and/or a Black Freedom Fighter (B.F.F.)

That we all learn form the history of great men likeMLK and really listen to what they were saying about equality, freedom, non-violence and peace.

my dream is that we as a people will free ourselves from what binds us, that we can work together, love all people, and love ourselves

My dream is to make all things possible for my parents that were not possible when they were younger my dream is to become someone strong so that I can have a family of my own that I can provide a gre...

It's 2013, time to learn from the past and start living together respectfully and in peace...

I have a dream one day iwll be able to express myself witout others juding me.. To be free of all insecurieties.

to one day know honestly and purely the act of equality. And that we as a people might experience a peace that only come with the true walk with God!

My dream is to see Dr. Kings words in the letter from Birmingham Jail added to the biblical text causing the church to deal with racial tension and our social class divide...

I dream that one day we, as a nation, will restore our government to the limited platform upon which it was built, securing freedom and equality for all Americans.

For all people and animals alike, may everyone unite to end hunger, abuse, pain and promote love, respect, equality and freedom.

for all individuals to be accepted as they choose to live and have he opportunity to fulfill their dreams, free of barriers