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Dreams: Family

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I have a dream of being respectful to others and to end violence in the world. My dream involves my personel goals of being smarter and being better...

Is to one day own my own marketing company and to have locations throughout the USA!

My dream is to become a wonderful drama major and have a very loving family. I would also love to become successful [Ariel]

My dream is for the gun laws to change so you must be older.

Get marry with my girlfriend this year and have a lot of kids

My dream is that one day my kids will live out there dreams! I will be blessed with long life to enjoy my family!

Courtney- To one day my bandicap uncle will be able to talk. I have a dream that one day I can be no [illegible] investigation and get some of the people we don’t need on the street.

My dream is for my children to be able to live their dream.

My dream is to make the work place a more equal playing ground for all not just some. so that we all are given the same respect and opportunities as others...

I wish my mom would stop hating me so much. I wish she wouldn't try to change me and my choice of friends as much and trying to turn me into something I am not...

my dream is that one day the life of the poor people change and will be better... Kate <3

To have my own family.

To spend as much time as possible with my children Madison & Miles while still providing a good example with my career choices...

I have a dream that Every family's could get along and have peace together...

Please keep watch over my child! At all time and poemic. Thank you. Berthe.

My Dream is everyone to not get bullied and be treated fairly at school - Elijah (age 9)

To raise the most confident, talented, loving, successful child possible.

I thank God that in my life time - the dream of MLK is coming to fruition...

for the dreams of all my family, friend and people who can't put their dreams into words to let their spirits fly and sore to the highest of heights...

To be a positive force in my community. To see others spread the love of God and empower each other. A nation that focuses on advancement and achievement