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To have a business of my own to create jobs and take care of my family and friend so we never have to struggle.

To become a better mother to my son and to finish my doctoral program on time in 2014

For peace & unity to reign out the world. For more people to step up & help those in need. For the world to be a safe place for us & our children.

My dream is to be more opened-minded and explore new friendships and new things . I want to make my community a better place. Solana

My dream is that every child under the age of 8 will not have to work for their village.

To see my sons grow up to be men with values and conviction.

For my daughter to be proud of who she is and for the world to be supportive of her aspirations.

That my children and all of their contemporaries know that greatness lies within them & that they have the courage to defy anyone who tells them otherwise

My children, grand children and generations to come will be productive, educated, well-rounded black folks that will be a credit to themselves and society.

is to be an outstanding mother who leaves a worthwhile legacy to enhance the future of my children like Dr. King. I also want to be a fantastic wife to the man God sends me and redefine the...

For my daughter to graduate from college and become a productive citizen in today's society...

To live & love my future wife & family how God wants me to. To Graduate college & be a positive influence to young males.

For all 3 of my girls to graduate from high & college. For my family's health and prosperity. I dream that i can make an impact on other people lives with my testimony. To become famous and...

My dream is to the best dad and father in the world...and be very successful [Brian]

"Better life for my kids and their future generations" By Maggie...

that all would experience the love of Jesus Christ that overcomes all hate, division, brokenness; love that restores, revives, and renews all things- the same reason as MLK Jr. fought.

If people need help, I would help them if they were blind, I would show them around.

That we as a people will unite and support each other. We must keep what Dr. King and others died for the 60's. Pat...

for me and my family to live a healthy and prosperous life. And for racism to stop in this country

to a great example for my children. To teach them about love, respect and pride. My dream is for my family to love one another.